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Kenya Moore Wants To Sue Marlo Hampton For Saying Her Purse Is Fake

The digs back and forth will never stop when it comes to Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton. Kenya crashing Marlo’s wig event with a marching band and Kenya Moore Haircare products was far from the end of their issues.

In November, Marlo accused Kenya of having a fake Birkin handbag and made fun of Eva Marcille’s style- again. A fan brought this up during Kenya’s Watch What Happens Live appearance last night. And, it turns out, Kenya is not playing around.

A viewer asked Kenya, “What was your reaction to Marlo telling Page Six that your white Birkin bag is a fake?” Without skipping a beat, Kenya said, “She’s going to be getting sued for that.” Really? Sued for some light shade? Marlo has done way worse.

Andy Cohen gave her a confused look, prompting Kenya to say, “It’s real. It’s 100% real.”


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Then, Andy spoke for all of us when he asked Kenya, “Is that worth the legal fees?” Kenya claimed, “It is because don’t tell lies on me. Talk about your stuff being fake, including your hair. When it comes to my things, leave my name out of your mouth.”

For the record, Marlo told Page Six, “You can tell Kenya  has a fake Birkin [bag] — you can tell because of the fabric. You know how it holds, or stands up? That white one is definitely fake.” And, in case anyone was wondering Hermès bags can cost up to six figures.


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In that same interview, Marlo remarked, “I just don’t think Eva Marcille is a good fit for the group … I want to see more than that with you from being a model.” She elaborated, “I would put her in a pencil skirt, nice jeans and a 5-inch heel, a blazer. Just something more than jeans and a T-shirt and her Birkenstocks.”

No word on whether or not Eva is suing Marlo for her shade, but I somehow doubt it. Oh, Kenya, just when we thought she couldn’t be more petty, she outdid herself. Again.


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