Harry Hamlin Said Playing An Openly Gay Character Ruined His Career

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Harry Hamlin keeps a low profile as a husband on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While Harry’s better half, Lisa Rinna, is sucking up all the attention from the show, Harry is spending time alone in the wilderness.

Harry wasn’t in favor of his wife joining RHOBH, until Rinna brought in Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel to sell him on the idea. Still, Harry was concerned because of the high divorce rate on Housewives shows. Very true, Harry.

Harry told US Weekly, “So we have a very functional relationship and we respect each other and listen to each other and admire each other and we let each other be. We’re not helicopter husband and wife.” In their case, opposites really do attract.  While Harry enjoys communing with nature, Lisa enjoys wiping down every possible inch of a hotel room with antibacterial wipes. There is no way that she will sleep in a tent with her husband under the stars. Even more shocking is the fact that Harry does not follow his wife or daughters on social media. Is ignorance truly bliss? Maybe.

But there was a time when Harry was ahead of the curve when it came to accepting a break-out role. Page Six reported that Harry discussed the impact that decision had on his career on the “It Happened In Hollywood” podcast.


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Harry accepted the role of an openly gay man in the film Making Love, which came out in 1982. Harry said that other actors passed on the role because “the idea of a gay world was not accepted at the time.” So, what made Harry grab the part? “I wanted to do something that’s relevant and edgy, cutting edge,” he remarked.

Harry’s decision to take the role opposite actors Michael Ontkean and Kate Jackson had a chilling effect on his career. “Overall, in terms of how the way that film was received, it was too early. It was like 10 years too early and it completely ended my career,” Harry stated. “That was the last studio picture I ever did. The door shut with a resounding smash.”


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But Harry doesn’t regret appearing in the film. The Beverly Hills House Husband said, “I’m very proud of the movie and not a week goes by that people don’t come up to me and– I’m serious about this: in the supermarket, on the street–and they thank me for making that movie.”


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]