WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: Actors Harry Hamlin (L) and Lisa Rinna (R) attend the Amazon Prime Video post 2018 Emmy Awards party at Cecconi's on September 17, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Harry Hamlin Doesn’t Follow Lisa Rinna & Their Daughters On Social Media

Harry Hamlin is definitely one of the most low-key House Husbands. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna’s hubby is not one for drama or publicity. He is not a lawsuit lightning rod like PK Kemsley. Or a shameless business promoter like Mauricio Umansky. Harry pops up on the show on occasion, but avoids Lisa’s pot-stirring shenanigans. Maybe Harry is trying to protect his image as a serious actor. Lest we forget, Harry has appeared on LA Law and Mad Men and he also starred in the landmark film Making Love.

You have to wonder what Harry thinks about his lovely bride being on RHOBH. Lisa is a notorious attention seeker, who has acted as an unwilling Kim Richard’s’ sobriety counselor, has performed stripper moves on tables and makes tasteless jokes about her “pill bag.” To put it nicely, Mrs. Hamlin can be a handful. However, it is clear that Harry loves her anyway. Part of the secret of the success of their marriage might be that Harry chooses not to know everything about Lisa–and their daughters.

Bravo’s The Daily Dish reported that Harry shared some interesting information about Lisa and their offspring on a recent Live with Kelly & Ryan. Harry revealed, “I do not follow my family [on social media]. I have been told that it would be very smart for me to just ignore what they do online.”

So, when Lisa is posting one of her attention-seeking bikini shots or when daughters Amelia Hamlin and Delilah Hamlin share selfies promoting themselves as models, Harry is unaware. Apparently, the key to his happy marriage is being oblivious to his wife’s behavior–which is probably for the best!

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Does Harry keep up with any of Lisa’s social media pandering? He went on to explain, “I don’t watch the message boards, I don’t read reviews, and I don’t look at Lisa’s posts.”

Harry doesn’t know what he is missing. How could he not acknowledge Lisa’s “always busting the same move” dancing videos? Or inappropriate posts like her bizarre Lent video? Not to mention all the lame jokes she thinks are funny? Isn’t social media support a husband’s duty?

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When Harry was shown a video of Lisa dancing at Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen’s baby shower on Live with Kelly & Ryan, he joked, “You see why I don’t follow her?!” He then added, “But having seen that, I’m going to ask her to do that in the nude.”

Something tells me Lisa would be thrilled to dance naked for her Harry. Nothing wrong with a little marital spice. Thankfully for the rest of us, there are strict rules on social media that protect us from being exposed to the dirty details of their marital fantasies.

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On a more thoughtful note, Harry shared, “In all seriousness, we really respect each other, we listen to each other, we’re great friends, and we really like each other. Also, there’s a thing called sex that kind of plays into the whole thing. I highly recommend it for married couples.”

Anything that distracts Lisa from posting on Instagram or Twitter is probably a good thing. Sex away, Harry! Just don’t let Lisa post about it.

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Another ingredient to the Hamlins’ happy union is giving each other space. Harry stated, “We’re complete opposites, too. Absolute, 100 percent opposites. We give each other a really long leash, so she can do whatever she wants, I can do whatever I want.”

You have to take your hat off to a Hollywood marriage that has lasted over 20 years and still seems to thrive. Harry and Lisa might be opposites, but somehow they work well together. Considering how many Housewife marriages have hit the skids, the Hamlins appear to be doing just fine.

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