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Andy Cohen Posts Tribute To Vicki Gunvalson; Vicki Thinks Andy Didn’t Have Her Back & That She “Put Him In His Place”

It’s not too surprising that Vicki Gunvalson is done with Real Housewives of Orange County. After all, she previously got demoted and said she would only return to the show if she had a full-time offer. That did not happen, so Vicki walked away along with Tamra Judge. Now, there is just one amiga remaining, at least to our knowledge.

After Vicki shared the news, Andy Cohen shared a sweet, sentimental post about their Bravo journey together. And Vicki… took some passive-aggressive digs in response to fans on Twitter.

Let’s start with the good, shall we? On Instagram, Andy wrote, “I remember the first reunion I did with Vicki Gunvalson. Occasionally our eyes would meet as I grilled the other women, and she would wink at me optimistically and effervescently as both of her deep dimples shone. She kept winking at me Year after year, and it always made my heart smile.” I didn’t see any winks at this year’s reunion. Instead, I saw Vicki’s continual meltdowns after Andy continued to call out her hypocrisy with flashback footage.

Nevertheless, Andy continued, “Vicki is an original, who remained her authentic self from her Family Van-freakout through her last reunion. It’s so hard to remain exactly who you are after being on television for so long, but Vicki is one of a kind. Thank you for everything, @vickigunvalson – what a ride. And it’s not over.” Ugh oh. It’s “not over”? What does that mean? Is Andy already gearing up for Vicki return? Or is there some other Vicki-centered Bravo show in the works?


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So what does Vicki think about the (presumed) end of her working relationship with Andy? When a fan said, “I guess you put Andy in his place” with some laughing emojis, I assumed the fan was making fun of Vicki for talking all tough, only to lose her orange yet again. However, Vicki told the Twitter user, “Yep.” Sure, Vicki.

Another fan told Vicki, “Very telling…. no thx to Andy. I dont blame you, he really didn’t have your back this reunion.” In response, Vicki tweeted, “No HE didn’t! Very telling to say the least. Shouldn’t have stayed as long as I did.” Oh, girl. We all know you were hoping to stir up enough drama to save that orange before the demotion news went public.


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Another tweeter responded to that with “Not many employers would keep someone that tried to sue them.” A very valid point. But, Vicki had to get the last word, tweeting “Read your facts straight! It was a cease order to have them not air lies about me.”

Another fan theorized Vicki is gone “because she sued Bravo under an alias. Plus he’s probably tired of her outdated views.” Very valid, again. But, Vicki just said, “Nope not true at all.”


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