Kenya Moore & NeNe Leakes

Kenya Moore Thinks NeNe Leakes Is Using Wendy Williams To Make Herself Look Better

Even though Wendy Williams is not a Real Housewife, her name has been mentioned a lot when it comes to Real Housewives news. A few months ago, there were rumors (and hope) that Wendy would become a New York Housewife. Last Friday, Erika Jayne spilled some tea on Wendy’s show. And, of course, there’s the NeNe Leakes of it all. Wendy and NeNe have been very close for the past few months. After many years of feuding, they made up at a strip club.

As a result, Wendy has shared a lot of her personal insights when she dishes on Real Housewives of Atlanta-related hot topics; i.e. she reads texts NeNe sends her and sides with NeNe on everything. However, Wendy was in some hot water recently after she claimed that NeNe is carrying around a major secret that will “melt hearts.” She also said that NeNe texted her saying she wanted to quit RHOA. Afterward, NeNe claimed she was upset that Wendy shared a private conversation publicly. However, Kenya Moore thinks that the whole thing was orchestrated to make NeNe look better. I mean, let’s be honest: NeNe could use some good press. The past few seasons of RHOA did not do the woman any favors. At all.

Kenya had a lot to say about NeNe in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. Even though NeNe has barely been on the show this season, Kenya would be shocked if NeNe actually quit. In response to those rumors Wendy ignited, Kenya declared, “NeNe will not walk away from a check” because she has “tons of bills to pay.” Don’t they all?

Then, Kenya shared her thoughts on NeNe and Wendy’s rekindled friendship. Kenya remarked, “I just think she’s using Wendy, honestly. Because before [they were friends], Wendy would go in if she sees the type of behavior that anyone on our show was exhibiting before, and Wendy has been going, like, so soft on her. So, I just think that NeNe is really just using Wendy.” 


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Aside from siding with NeNe during her morning talk show, Wendy (sort of) makes an appearance on Real Housewives of Atlanta this season. She gives NeNe some advice via speaker phone. Wendy tells her to “Give these girls friendship and love,” but come on, this is NeNe. She’s never gonna do that. At least not sincerely.

Kenya told Entertainment Tonight, “[It’s] NeNe reaching for something to make her feel like she’s more important than everyone else. Like, ‘Oh, I have Wendy Williams on speed dial. I’m friends with Wendy Williams…’ and I just think it’s an attempt to be more relevant than anyone else on the show, and it’s just like a failed attempt to me.” 


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To be “more relevant than anyone else on the show,” NeNe needs to actually be on the show. She’s been absent from more episodes than she’s appeared in this season. And when she’s on, it’s an overly hyped up thirty-second appearance. Then again, barely appearing, yet being a constant topic of conversation does make her pretty relevant.


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