Wendy Williams Says NeNe Leakes Has A Secret That “Will Melt Hearts” & NeNe Wants To Quit Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Yes, that’s Wendy Williams in the Real Housewives of Atlanta mid-season trailer telling NeNe Leakes, ” give these girls friendship and love.” Is that actually going to happen? I doubt it. This is RHOA, after all.

However, Wendy’s RHOA insight goes beyond that cameo appearance via speakerphone. She spilled some major tea on her talk show this morning.

In an interview with Real Housewives superfan Jerry O’Connell, Wendy revealed, “NeNe texts, ‘I’m quitting.’ A stunned Jerry just responded with, “Wow.”

Then, Wendy elaborated, but still kept us all guessing when she teased a major secret. Wendy remarked, “I’ve got to say something, but I’m not going to say a whole lot. I know something about NeNe that you all will cry, be sad, feel bad for her. She’s carrying the weight of a huge thing on her shoulders.”


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Jerry asked what a lot of us are thinking: “Is everything going OK with her husband’s health and everything?” Thankfully, Wendy told him, “Oh, Gregg [Leakes] is not sick. He is cured.”

Wendy continued to be mysterious, declaring, ” I’m not going to say it. She has got to say it. In my opinion, NeNe, I didn’t even call you back, you need this platform to explain the other part of your life. Forget hairpieces and arguing with them broads. You’ve got that secret and that secret is going to melt their hearts. When she shared it with me, I cried with her, Jerry.”


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A genuinely distraught Wendy kept saying, “I can’t, I can’t,  I can’t,” when it came to the possibility of sharing the secret herself. Jerry asked, “Is everything OK with her health?” Wendy started to answer, “Yes, but if she keeps carrying this burden… when you carry a secret for long enough…” Ultimately, she didn’t finish either of those sentences.

Later in the interview, Wendy confirmed, “The kids are fine.”


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Ultimately, Wendy talked to her friend through the TV, saying, “NeNe, you need that platform [the show] to explain. That is all. NeNe, don’t quit.”

Well, I’m intrigued, to say the least. Hopefully, everyone in the Leakes family is OK, but I cannot help being curious.


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