NeNe Leakes Allegedly Tried To Make Up With Kenya Moore Before Filming Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Who misses NeNe Leakes from this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta? Anyone? I know there are still some NeNe stans out there and lucky for them, they have plenty of content to work with, even with her lack of presence on the show. We recently told you about NeNe possibly losing some coins over her whole Kenya Moore feud, which in turn hasn’t given her as much air time as some might enjoy. I am not one of those people and personally find the show more cohesive without her.

Kenya has been pretty vocal about her side of the story, even going as far as accusing NeNe of being intimidated and jealous of her. The rest of the cast has largely stayed out of it, maybe because they are afraid to cross NeNe, or maybe because they are just so tired of dealing with her BS. Either way, the tea is continuing to spill on NeNe and her motives this season, whether she likes it or not.

A rumored source is telling HollywoodLife that NeNe tried reaching out to Kenya before filming began in hopes of squashing their longstanding beef. Now this source is not, I repeat, NOT confirmed by NeNe and her camp (or anyone else’s camp for that matter) but we all know that NeNe has a reputation for leaking things to her favorite bloggers.

Since all of this info is coming from an unnamed source, there’s always the possibility that NeNe herself is the one planting these stories. Especially now that she doesn’t have air time, she probably needs to come up with ways to stay in the mix. I’m sure all of Kenya’s recent comments in the media have only furthered the possibility that NeNe might want to get her side of the story out there, even if it’s under the cloak of anonymity.


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Faced with the possibility of not filming together, the source claims, “NeNe wanted to do her best to clear the air and be cordial since they were going to be working together.” Sounds like that didn’t go as planned with the source reporting that Kenya didn’t even respond because she didn’t think the attempt by NeNe was sincere.

The unnamed source even says, “Things are so bad between NeNe and Kenya now that they haven’t spoken since their blowout fight in Greece.” It also looks like NeNe even blocked Kenya on Instagram. One way or another, these two will eventually have to face off with one another at the reunion, whether they like it or not.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]