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B. Scott Confirms NeNe Leakes Leaked Card She Sent Cynthia Bailey

When Cynthia Bailey read that eloquently-written card that NeNe Leakes sent her, I had two thoughts. First of all, there is no way that NeNe actually wrote that note herself. Second of all, she is so desperate to get back into this group; i.e. secure that Bravo paycheck while she was on the outs with the whole cast.

When the note mysteriously leaked on B. Scott’s website, NeNe pointed the finger at Kenya Moore. But, why would Kenya do that? The card makes NeNe look good and Kenya hates NeNe. It makes no sense. NeNe denied knowing B. Scott and says she doesn’t talk to bloggers. That could not be any further from the truth.

Now, we have confirmation straight from the source, B. Scott, that NeNe’s camp did leak the note. Bossip did the lord’s work by listening to B. Scott’s podcast and transcribing the best parts.

Bossip quote B. Scott saying, “I’mma point the finger and just say NeNe’s a liar, she is a liar.” Tell us somethin we don’t know.
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That is when he really went in: “Like NeNe’s Titty In Toronto, The Truth Always Pops Out. Number one if you say my name a couple times I have to appear, you have summoned me. You a lying ass b****! That offended me, #1. #2 she goes on to make it seem like bloggers are beneath her like bloggers are lowly.”
He even declared, “You are a reality star at best.” Not that there’s anything wrong with being a reality star (in general), but NeNe’s attitude really doesn’t line up with the tepid success of her ventures outside of the show.
B. Scott shared,  “She does talk to bloggers but she oftentimes talks to bloggers without my reach and she talks to bloggers that don’t have any other exclusive information ever other than the lies that she tells her.”
This man is mad. He also has a lot of dirt on NeNe that he’s holding back… for now. Their relationship goes back a decade. He said, “I knew NeNe when she had her first set of teeth and her first face.” THE SHADE! Honey, I am living for it!
He continued, “I have yeaaaars of text messages, years. I went back to look at my phone and it was so much. Me and NeNe, I felt as though we were still friends because only a friend would hold certain information that I’m holding right now, that I was asked not to put out. So if we’re not friends that good to know. Should I light her a** up right now? Should I drop a nuclear bomb? This isn’t even about the note, this is about something else.” Yes, drop that bomb. We. Are. Ready.
In regard to that card specifically, B. Scott said, “You know who leaked the note? Someone from NeNe’s team. If they want to press me, I will publish those receipts. There’s nothing worse I hate than a liar.” Publish those receipts!
He wasn’t done. B. Scott said, “I think she’s a lying scallywayg, NeNe Leakes. It came from that team. Like Kenya said, why would she leak something positive about NeNe?” EXACTLY. Thank you.
And as if he wasn’t clear enough, he also had this to say, “If my name comes out that b***’s mouth again in a way that’s derogatory and disrespectful. I’m gonna light that ass up. Linnethia is gonna be on fire!”
And here I am: hoping the name “B. Scott” comes out of NeNe’s mouth again. I just want to see the consequences of that.
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