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Kenya Moore Thinks NeNe Leakes “Has Always Been Intimidated” By Her Presence; Says NeNe Is “Jealous”

It’s tough out here for the Real Housewives OG’s these days. Lisa Vanderpump dropped out of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the middle of filming Season 9. Bethenny Frankel ditched Real Housewives of New York to pursue her own projects. Vicki Gunvalson was demoted last season and now she’s off the show.

Then, there’s NeNe Leakes, who is barely present on the current Real Housewives of Atlanta season. Sure, she’s on the outs with most of the cast members, but production isn’t even throwing in some solo NeNe scenes. Are they phasing her out? Is she just trying to avoid Kenya Moore? What is going on? I have so many questions, but mainly, I just want to know why NeNe is considered a full-time cast member if she’s barely on this show.

Kenya dished on her drama with NeNe during a recent Entertainment Tonight interview. The recent reincarnation of their feud stems from Cynthia Bailey inviting Kenya to the Season 10 finale party. NeNe was all sorts of sloppy and was extremely rude to the then-pregnant Kenya Moore.

Kenya recalled, “So, no one understood, what is this all about? I understand what it was about, because I’ve been in this really love, hateful relationship with her — and all the hate is coming from her. It’s so much.”


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Kenya even alleged, “She tried to get me fired before I was even hired on the show.” I would love to see some receipts. I’m not saying I don’t believe that because I very much believe that NeNe does not want Kenya on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but I just want to see some proof.

Kenya declared, “I just think that she’s always been very intimidated by my presence on the show. And, when I was not on the show, I was still being talked about … I was still relevant, so that bothered her.” Of course, it bothered her. NeNe wanted Cynthia to be her lapdog and her lapdog only. She wasn’t down to share custody with Kenya. And now NeNe thinks Cynthia is Eva Marcille’s lapdog.


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Kenya continued, “And so, then it becomes, ‘Why did you invite Kenya to your launch party to celebrate you? And at eight months pregnant?’ Like why, is that an issue for you? So again, if you watch who she really is, you will see that she is extremely intimidated, jealous, envious — whatever you want to call it — of my presence on the show.” 

Truth be told, I think NeNe is jealous of anyone who’s in a scene without her, but is she jealous of Kenya specifically? Let’s dish on that in the comments section.


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