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Kyle Richards Worries That Denise Richards Won’t Show Up For Real Housewives Reunion; Hopes Denise Stays On The Show

Kyle Richards has long been a fan favorite on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s been a staple on the show since the beginning and let’s face it, she’s given us some good content. Ok, maybe not in the last few years because aside from renovating her house only to find another perfect one to up and move, she hasn’t really had anything to do outside of biding her time bringing down frenemy Lisa Vanderpump.

So what’s a gal to do now that she successfully pushed out her long term friend? We all know the cameras aren’t going to feature her ongoing lawsuits, much to my dismay. I’m pretty sure she isn’t moving again (at least I think). Kyle by Alene Too is officially closed for business. She certainly can’t spin her bee and flying anxiety into a whole storyline (or can she?).

Instead of letting us in on what she’s going to be bringing to the table all season, Kyle is weighing in on all the Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville drama. Kyle recently spoke out, telling Us Weekly, “I know what I think, but I think you have to wait and watch the show to find that out. I mean, you know what, obviously it’s something that’s between them but when it comes to the show there’s lots of things that force … we’ve all had moments where we don’t want to have something on the show or talk about something and that’s the most difficult part about being on reality television.”

Kyle continued to tease the season saying, “It’s a very rough ride with that situation and they’re gonna have to figure that out and you’ll see my opinion when the show airs.”


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Let’s rewind and recap a little bit. All this drama (and possibly the only interesting storyline to come out of the upcoming season of RHOBH) started when former cast member Brandi claimed that she and Denise had an intimate relationship. Sources are saying that Denise “wants all of that footage taken out of the show.” It’s even been reported that Denise stopped filming and didn’t show up for the season finale party.

It’s gotten so tense that Kyle is even worried Denise wouldn’t show up to the reunion. Kyle told Us Weekly, “I didn’t think so, honestly, but apparently you know, she said she’s not going anywhere. I think she posted that the other day so I hope so.”


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Kyle goes on to say, “Up until this season we hadn’t had any issues or anything and I’d like to see her stick around and be at the reunion and I think that it’s just better to deal with things head-on anyway even though it’s difficult sometimes.” What an odd comment to make considering Denise has only been around for one season and that whole season was devoted to everyone dragging Vanderpump

Either way, Kyle seems to have high hopes for the upcoming season adding, “It’s a great cast. All the women are great. Obviously, we don’t always get along all the time but I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of them. They are all powerhouses and I really like that.”


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She continues, “It’s been a really wild ride this season and it’s just, I don’t even know what to say.” Kyle also reveals to Us Weekly, “After ten years you think I could come up with something, but I’m always kind of speechless what ends up coming up on the show and the things that come out and the things that happen between everybody it’s been crazy. Ten years down and I’m still shocked.” Ok, well that makes two of us. 


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