Denise Richards Says Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 10 Is “A Very Different Season” Than Her First One

Denise Richards had a great rookie season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She stayed out of the fray with all the Lisa Vanderpump drama. Well, until after LVP made her exit. Then, the two of them had some issues. But, Lisa is down to rekindle their friendship.

Could this be because Lisa and Denise both know what it’s like to be on the outs with the RHOBH cast? Possibly. Rumor has it that Denise’s “busy acting schedule” has prevented her from filming with the cast. She denied that over the summer, but eventually Denise’s longtime friend Lisa Rinna called her out for missing the Season 10 finale party. Why would Denise skip this obligation? There’s another rumor going around about the Wild Things actress. Brandi Glanville claims that the two of them had sexual interactions. Denise previously denied it, but she did (vaguely) discuss the gossip in a recent interview promoting the upcoming season.

During a People interview, Denise was asked if the conflict on the show “feels personal.” Well, duh. Denise told the magazine, “Yes. There were some things … I had a very different season this season.” That’s for sure. Denise’s biggest issue last season was not putting effort into her wardrobe. Next season sounds like it’s a lot more dramatic.

Denise commented, “Last season I had such a great time with all the women. This season I have too, but it’s just been different.” How vague. But, I’m sure she’s not allowed to say much.


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Even so, Denise denied rumors that she’s quitting and insisted that she “loves doing the show” and she is “proud of it.” Why would she quit? The exposure from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is why she’s been getting those acting jobs right now.

Denise said, “I’m still on it, despite different rumors. Nobody knows about season 11, none of us. But as far as season 10, I’m still filming and very much a part of the show. I enjoy it and I’m thrilled to be part of it.” Again, I don’t blame her. This show, despite the drama, has opened up plenty of doors for her.


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As far as those Brandi rumors go, Denise got out of discussing them by making this point: “I like stories to play out on the show. Because if everything plays out in the media, why have a show?” That is a great point…. although I really want a more specific comment on the Brandi speculation. I don’t mind waiting for it though.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]