Kyle Richards Denies Shading Lisa Vanderpump In Questionable Photo; Tells Twitter Follower To “Get A Life”!

I feel like it was just yesterday when I teased the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast for not being able to quit Lisa Vanderpump like she quit the show. Oh wait, it WAS just yesterday and probably most days since Lisa’s exit from the franchise. Why, Bangs Kyle Richards even claimed Lisa avoided her at BravoCon. Ladies, even Queen Elsa is begging you to let it go at this point.

Nah, not gonna happen. Season 10 is baking like a Thanksgiving turkey and that bird is looking dry. Why? Because our Beverly Hills denizens are finally free from the pillar of manipulation and deceit that tormented the group for years. Translation, their scapegoat target jumped ship. And even though the ladies swear on their Hermès bags that LVP is both gone and forgotten, their actions continue to speak louder than their words. Maybe.

They’re in Rome, dahlings. Tripping the light fantastic, and getting along famously, can’t forget that! The RHOBH cast has descended on Italy where they can celebrate their unbreakable bonds. Some of the crew found themselves in the hallowed halls of Dolce & Gabbana. Always in search of attention a photo op, Kyle, fellow Encino resident Dorit Kemsley, and newcomer Sutton Stracke posed for a pic. But it wasn’t just any pic. Basic, party of three, your table is ready!

According to HollywoodLife, Kyle shared a photo to social media of all three of them wearing a crown. Sis needs to stop before this gets sad. Never mind, it’s already sad. Kyle captioned the shot, “If the crown fits , wear it”. Allow me to remind you Lisa’s former tagline was, “The crown is heavy, darlings. So just leave it where it belongs”. Coincidence?

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Plea for attention? In Kyle’s defense, what else does she have going on? Husband being accused of fraud? New relationship with Brandi Glanville? CAFTANS!?! And what about Dorit? She has nothing to lose from taking a shot at ‘ole Lisa. I’m sure spouse PK Kemsley is guaranteeing they don’t have much left to lose anyway. PK got in on the action too. He commented, “Clearly [the crown] wasn’t that heavy…” on Kyle’s photo. Oh that PK! So macho and droll! Hey PK, the IRS wants to see you for a second.

Oh look! We have an update from Kyle regarding the now public accusations she shaded LVP with her photo. She wrote on Twitter, “Anyone referring to someone on a reality show as a Queen needs a reality check. With all due respect. I am NOT a queen nor is anyone on any reality show. Let’s save the crown and the Queen title for people who actually earned that title.” Um. Sure, Jan? I don’t understand the point Kyle is trying to make. She clearly wore a crown in a photo and subtly alluded to Lisa’s old tagline, right?

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One follower wrote, “Kyle will never take Lisa’s place/crown! She doesn’t have half the class of Lisa.” At that point Kyle cut her bangs again had a meltdown. In response, Kyle said, “The fact that you think people on reality shows deserve “crowns” is embarrassing. Ridiculous. Get a life.” Oh darling, pull yourself together.

A Kyle fan stepped in with, “This is a REACH if I’ve ever seen one.” Then Kyle replied, and I’m going to ask y’all to take a seat for this one. You too, LVP haters. Kyle wrote, “Thank you. As if we were even thinking about LVP in this moment” with an eye-roll emoji. With all due respect, even people in off-grid, desolate, no electricity, barren parts of Siberia knew Kyle was THINKING OF LVP IN THAT MOMENT. I can’t.

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While Kyle is definitely not thinking about anything LVP-related, we know one thing. Lisa’s memory will live on in Kyle’s bangs and photo digs that are not at all referencing the Queen her former friend.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]