Vanderpump Rules Star Tom Schwartz Says Starting A Family With Wife Katie Maloney Is “Scary”

There has been a lot of immaturity on Vanderpump Rules throughout the seasons. To be fair, it was kind of the whole premise of the show – a bunch of twenty-something friends who were living, working and most of all, partying in L.A. But I don’t think anyone on the show has taken immaturity further than Tom Schwartz. Let us not forget his 15 minute shift as a Pump bartender that ended with a near nervous breakdown due to the sheer responsibility of pouring drinks.

Alas, times have changed and so has Schwartz. We saw him sort of be faithful to Katie Maloney, then get engaged, get married and finally buy a home. Heck, they even upgraded their Bubba art. Most importantly, despite not having a real job for the entirety of his run on VPR, we saw Schwartz become a bonafide business man. He is now the proud owner of a bar with his name on it and all the revenue a 5% stake in the business will bring you.

But with great power comes great responsibility and now that Schwartz is a married man capable ? of supporting his homestead, the next big chapter in his life seems to be pointing to kids. Katie has made no secret of her desire to start a family, even entering into a creepy, Lifetime movie-like pact with her friends on when to get pregnant. So how does Schwartz feel about all this?

Schwartz recently told Us Weekly, “We both talk a big game. During life, during brunch, during interviews, we’re like, ‘Yes, we’re ready to have kids,’ but then we get home and we’re like, ‘Uh …’ When it comes down to it and you’re in the bedroom, you’re like, ‘OK, we’re doing this. We’re just trying to make a baby.’ It’s scary.” This sounds exactly like something Schwartz would say.


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Scaries aside, Schwartz went on to say hes “ready” and has “always” loved kids. He also claims he doesn’t “want to be a rickety, old dad.” Schwartz explained, “I want to be able to run around with my kid and throw him over my shoulder and play ball with him. Or her. Slipped there. … I low-key want boys, but I’m down for two girls.” News to Schwartz: you don’t get to pick so definitely be “down” for having either.

Old Dad desires aside, Schwartz is focused for once on making sure that TomTom gets all of his love and nurturing for the time being, “Let’s get that baby off the ground. Let’s get that baby walking and on its way to his first day of school, then he can work on other ones.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]