Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz Are Opening Another Bar

VANDERPUMP RULES -- Pictured: (l-r) Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval -- (Photo by: Jesse Grant/Bravo)

There is no Vanderpump Rules without the Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz friendship. Since the very beginning, these two have always just worked. When every other cast member on VPR was fighting, Tom and Tom were the friendship stability we all aspired to have and quite frankly, needed to ground the show. They reminded us that the cast actually are friends. At least that’s how I’ve always looked it at.

Now this season might not be the best display of Sandoval and Schwartz’s relationship but what friends don’t have some squabbles? Also, I blame Katie Maloney for that and well, everything else so there’s that. Don’t try and change my mind, ok?

Although Sandoval and Schwartz have experienced a little bump in their bromance road, that won’t stop them from being good business partners. As Tom Schwartz  told People, “We’re going to open a grimy dive bar together eventually.” Sandoval chimed in saying, “It’s going to be really seedy. It’s going to have lots of violations and claims, lawsuits and nothing above a C grading.”

Oh well that sounds….nice? Where is this seedy/gross/grimy bar going to be you ask? We don’t know but it’s clear it’s not going to be another fancy schmacy TomTom in WeHo.


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Since Sandoval and Schwartz are busy reveling in their TomTom success, it’s not shocking they would be looking at another bar down the road. “It’s like everybody who makes it in Hollywood, it’s an overnight success,” said Schwartz. “But with the combined wisdom of Ken [Todd] and Lisa [Vanderpump] and Nick Alain, it’s like an overnight success ten years in the making.”

Sandoval adds, “We bring, you know, sort of like the heart and soul, we’re there. We jump behind the bar sometimes.” Sandoval now acts as the bar’s head mixologist and despite some early push back from Lisa, it seems he has really taken that role and run with it, creating drinks like the “Tom Fashioned” and “Toulouse Your Mind” It took me three times saying that last drink to get what they were actually saying and I’m not proud of it.


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As for their disagreements, the two aren’t going to let that slow them down in the least. Schwartz says, “We’ve always been pretty civil. We have our disagreements but we sit down and we talk about it. Sometimes we’ll huff and puff and it can be a little melodramatic but that lasts a matter of hours.” In Toms we trust!


[Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Bravo]