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Marty Caffrey Says He & Danielle Staub Will Never Get Back Together; Danielle Says “Never Say Never”

Danielle Staub is probably one of the hardest housewives to get rid of. Even with her departure on Real Housewives of New Jersey, she has still managed to weasel her way back into the spotlight for various reasons. Usually, it entails some form of short-lived engagement but she also hasn’t stopped gracing our screens on RHONJ.

Perfect example – last season we saw plenty of Danielle for just a friend of, or whatever she was being called at the time. Wedding journey or not, I thought she got way too much screen time. But I suppose she played her bridezilla role to perfection, setting up an epic battle with full-time cast member Margaret Josephs that extended into the current season’s main story line. #JusticeforMargesPonytail. And I guess we should be thankful for that because really, who wants to watch a whole season of Jennifer Aydin arguing with Jackie Goldschneider argue about a kid’s pizza party?

The reality is, Danielle’s appearances on RHONJ seemed to last longer than her marriage to Marty Caffrey. Lucky Marty, ammirite?

But much like RHONJ, Danielle isn’t ready to completely let go of her marriage either. Despite how quickly it ended and with such a dramatic aftermath, Danielle apparently likes to keep her options open.

On a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show (yep, it’s a thing!), Danielle and Marty sat down to discuss their codependent desperation for relevance future. When asked if there would ever be a world where they married each other again, Danielle stated, “There’s no nevers but there’s also realistically, he and I are in two different places. If you’re asking me, I would never say never.”


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The camera pans to Marty, who has turned ghost white and looks like he is going to make a break for it. Instead, he responds, “I would probably say never if you want me to give you an answer.”

Danielle looks more than a little annoyed and a whole lot of embarrassed but like the true monster she is, she composes herself quick enough to backpedal. “And again, that wasn’t me hoping for it, it was just me saying, I don’t think never is a word anyone should use but if you choose to use never, that’s fine.”


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Danielle continues to look peeved and Marty looks scared as he finishes up the statement that will surely get him in trouble later, “But right now, you know, I don’t see that in the scheme of things but you never say never I guess.” Ummm you just did, but ok. Danielle tries to save face one last time and confirms, “that’s what I was trying to say.” Sure, Jan.

Let me speak for everyone by saying welp, that was awkward.


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