Danielle Staub Says Ashlee Malleo’s Hair Pull Was More Severe Than When Danielle Did It To Margaret Josephs; Melissa Gorga Disagrees

Longtime Real Housewives of New Jersey fans recall how upset Danielle Staub was when Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Malleo pulled her hair after chasing her around a country club during Season 2. Danielle even brought a mannequin with extensions for a demonstration at the Season 2 reunion.

After years of complaints and legal action, it’s so shocking that Danielle went and pulled Margaret Josephs‘ ponytail this season on RHONJ. Hypocrite much? Danielle doesn’t think so, of course. However, Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline do. Melissa and Jacqueline actually agreeing on something? Wow. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

During a segment on the Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show, an off-camera producer told Danielle, “Jacqueline Laurita recently called you out for pulling Margaret’s hair.” We wrote about this when it happened, by the way.

Danielle asked the producer, “Did she call me out?” The producer told her, “On Twitter, I believe.” And in response, Danielle evaded the question asked, “Is that really a call out?” Yes, it is, Danielle.  That’s what social media is for.


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Also on the After Show, Melissa remarked, “You complained for how many years about someone pulling your hair out of your head at a country club when Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter did that to her. We did not hear the end of that for how many years in the press? It was devastating. It ruined her life. And then she came and did it right back.” Pretty much.

Still, Danielle did not see the similarities there. Instead, she outlined how the Ashlee incident was way worse in her eyes. Danielle said, “Jacqueline can use any excuse she wants to talk about me, but the fact still remains that I had my hair, that’s connected to these beads in my extensions, at least five of those extensions, which is a handful of hair, pulled completely from my scalp. [I] had four stitches in my scalp as a result of it. My head hit the payment as a result of it. I have six herniated discs, three of which happened that night.”


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Then, why do anything remotely similar to that incident? Oh, right, because Teresa Giudice whispered words of encouragement. This whole thing makes no sense. Shaking my head, Danielle. I am shaking my damn head, and keeping my hair far away from you.


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