Harry Dubin Says Aviva Drescher Tried To Get Him Involved With Leg Toss Before it Happened; Says Real Reason Aviva Left Real Housewives Has Nothing To Do With Andy Cohen Or Carole Radziwill, Despite Her Previous Comments

In many interviews throughout the years, Aviva Drescher cited Carole Radziwill’s close friendship with Andy Cohen as the reason she got fired from Real Housewives of New York. Andy is a producer on the show and he knew Carole before she became a cast member. Recently, Carole denied ever being close with him, but Aviva still blames their relationship for her departure.

However, Harry Dubin, Aviva’s ex-husband, and sometimes love interest of Sonja Morgan, Luann de Lesseps, and Kelly Bensimon, despites his ex’s claims. He says that she couldn’t continue as a cast member for a more serious reason.

On a recent episode of Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, Harry shared, “Aviva has anxiety. She cannot travel without her husband or a loved one. For some reason, I don’t know why.”

Then, a second later, Harry’s memory returned. He went on to explain, “I do know why. It’s a product of her accident when she was six years old [where she lost her leg]. She has anxiety. She couldn’t travel with the girls and she couldn’t do the things the production company wanted her to do. Therefore, they had to get rid of her.”


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He went on to emphasize that Aviva’s firing “had nothing to do with Andy Cohen, nothing to do with Radziwill.”


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The viewers saw a bit of Aviva’s flying phobia on the show, but what we didn’t get to see was all the planning she put into that “spontaneous” leg toss. Harry recalled, “Throwing the leg across the room was a joke. She asked me to walk her out of the room after that and yell at the girls. I said ‘Aviva, this shit ain’t happening.'”

He shared, “She comes out and says, ‘Harry, you gotta help me. I’m gonna throw my leg on national television. And you pick me up and carry me out of the scene and tell them what kind of people they are.’ I said, ‘Aviva, my ass ain’t gonna do that. Not a fucking chance.'” That would have been so epic though.


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