Luann, Tom, Missy on RHONY

I will never get over Luann de Lesseps asking “Is it about Tom?” last season on Real Housewives of New York. Not only was the moment hilarious and instantly iconic, but it was also clearly prophetic since RHONY is all about Tom D’Agostino these days.

This week’s episode was no exception since another one of his former flames took center stage. This time it was Ramona Singer’s friend Missy who appeared in a previous episode and was clearly invited to instigate controversy. Speaking of controversy, Ramona made sure her newly renovated apartment got screen time since she invited everyone’s ex Harry Dubin to the soiree too.

The former countess talked all about Ramona’s party in her latest Bravo blog entry. At this point, Luann is pretty used to running to Tom’s exes so she handled the situation like a total pro. Luann explained, “New York, especially the Upper East Side, is like a small town, and seeing old flames at parties is a regular occurrence.” It really is though. These Tom exes are coming out of the woodwork in full force.

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She shared, “I met Missy briefly at the Regency, and it was nice to see her again at Ramona’s. She seemed genuinely happy for us, and I was glad to see that she refused to engage in gossip about Tom in spite of Harry’s instigation, which was a low-class move.” I wouldn’t expect anything less from Harry, but he’s doing more this season with his cameo appearances than most of the full-time cast members are.

Of course, Luann defended her man: “As for Tom’s comment about his ring being like a dog collar, he was trying to be funny and nothing more.” I get that, but it was probably not the best move to make on a show with women who talk about Tom for sport.

Luann preached, “I think that it’s healthy to be friends with exes, and I have no problem with Tom being friends with women he used to date. I’m still close to my ex-husband and Tom doesn’t feel at all threatened by our friendship. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where I couldn’t be friends with whomever I choose, nor would Tom.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]