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Kyle Richards & Dorit Kemsley Have Twitter Feud; Kyle Says She “Doesn’t Get Putting Vanity/Glam Before Friendship”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards are already at odds, and the season just started! Kyle asked for Dorit’s help with her fashion show. But Kyle took offense when the swimsuit designer claimed that she saved Kyle’s fashion extravaganza from flopping.

We all know that Kyle is besties with accountability coach Teddi Mellencamp. Dorit arrived late to Teddi’s retreat, glammed up to the max. Kyle knew that Dorit was late because she had an appointment with her glam squad, not because she took her children to school. Then Dorit told Kyle that she wanted to leave early because Teddi didn’t appreciate the fact that Dorit had bothered to drag her fabulous self to the event.

During the May 6 episode of RHOBH, the two ladies threw down when Kyle criticized Dorit for wanting to bale on Teddi’s event. According to Us Weekly, Kyle remarked, “You came late you can’t leave early. I’m trying to be respectful and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’ve been up since 5 a.m.”

Of course, Dorit countered that she had been up since 4 a.m. When Kyle asked why Dorit was up that early, Dorit exploded. “I have a f—king life, Kyle. I have a f—king life. I didn’t wake up to come straight here,” Dorit exclaimed.


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Kyle posted her thoughts on Twitter the same night that the RHOBH episode aired.  “Saying you having a f—king life but came late because you wanted to have your hair and make-up done doesn’t exactly classify as having a life. In another tweet, Kyle said, “First of all, I was not upset with Dorit in the beginning … I just don’t get putting vanity/ glam before friendship. It all went south when she said she had a f—king life.”

Dorit responded to Kyle’s shade with her own Twitter excuse post. Dorit tweeted, “I didn’t want to go all day without seeing my kids or sit in an extra hour of traffic. I was there for 9 hours + 4 hours of driving. What I choose to do in my personal time is my business – whether it’s glamming, taking pics for Instagram, or promoting my brand #beverlybeach.”


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Just for good measure, Dorit re-posted her glamour shots to  her Instagram. The photos were taken the day of Teddi’s event.  “The picture that caused such an uproar on tonight’s episode of #rhobh. If only I was looking into the future here and could see how upset this pic would make someone,” Dorit captioned the photo. She posted a second photo, writing, “Beverly Beach Barbie reporting for support duty at All In.” So shady, Dorit!


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