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Kyle Richards Responds To Dorit Kemsley’s Shade About Her Fashion Show

Did you guys miss Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I was worried the first episode would be a snooze fest but I thought it was pretty entertaining. After all, what could these women be up to now that they have successfully driven Lisa Vanderpump off the show? Turns out, a lot. We were introduced to newcomers Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke. Teddi Mellencamp announced she’s pregnant. Lisa Rinna is well, being Lisa Rinna. Same for Erika Jayne. Neither of them really have much to add in the first episode but ok, let’s give them some time. Denise Richards is obviously going to be a focal point of drama for the season, as witnessed by the last few minutes of the episode. But before we get there, we spent pretty much the whole episode watching Kyle Richards fret about her fashion show. Yes, looks like Dorit Kemsley isn’t the only one putting models down a runway. And she won’t let you forget it either.

While Kyle fussed in an anxiety riddled haze, she turned to Dorit for help. Ever the humble one, Dorit tries to give Kyle some direction beforehand. She tells us in the confessional that she’s going to “save Kyle’s show”. Shots fired.

Naturally, Kyle didn’t take kindly to that statement. In fairness, it didn’t look like Dorit actually did much to help anyway. But now Kyle is responding to Dorit’s statement. She tells Us Weekly, “With all due respect she did NOT save my fashion show.” Kyle goes even further and attributes the show’s success to the production team they hired. She does admit that she didn’t exactly have experience though. Kyle tweeted of the matter, “I knew nothing about doing a fashion show. A clothing line yes. I had a clothing line on HSN & stores for years.”

While Dorit claims that Kyle wasn’t an active participant in the fashion line, Kyle also begs to differ on that point. According to Kyle, “I didn’t just ‘put my name’ on the clothing line like Dorit suggested,” she tweeted. “I worked closely with Shahida on the looks WE wanted. For a long time. THAT is why I pulled out the pieces that I knew nothing about and were NOT our collaboration.” Kyle concludes, “When I showed up at the meeting to style the models my partner added pieces I didn’t know about and were not OUR collaboration so I took them out.”

Despite the differing opinions between the two, Dorit seems unruffled by it all. Dorit says of the matter, “Little Kyle and I, we have our moments, for sure. I think we feel comfortable enough in our friendship that we can get really heated and go at one another, and then … we can find a way to resolve it. It’s not forever — it doesn’t ever feel like forever — but we have a difference in opinion quite a bit in this season.”

Either way, I don’t think Beverly Beach or Kyle X Shahida are really flying off the shelves so does all this really matter?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]