Elyse Slaine Says Dorinda Medley Isn’t A Bully

When Dorinda Medley joined Real Housewives of New York, she became an instant fan favorite. In contrast, the current season is rough for her and a lot of her drama appears to be her fault. Dorinda has been relentlessly attacking Tinsley Mortimer. Leah McSweeney seemingly hit the nail on the head when she theorized that Dorinda is just jealous of Tinsley’s wealth and privilege.

Yes, Dorinda was struggling after her home flooded. Going through a public breakup is tough. Throw in the fact that she’s still struggling to grieve her late husband and it adds up to a lot. And, yes, Tinsley is not as open as the other women who literally get paid to be open about their lives. Dorinda is probably not the only one who’s frustrated by that, but her level of anger just doesn’t seem to be justified. Tinsley seems to be pretty nice to her too. What gives? It’s just an incredibly unflattering season for Dorinda. That’s for sure. However, Elyse Slaine says that things are not as they appear.

Elyse tweeted, “Everyone called out Dorinda for bullying. Yet all they did was bully her. I just said that 40 minutes does not show everything that happened. I have known Dorinda for many years. No need to kiss her ass. I spoke up because some of the hate was based on half truths.” Say names, Elyse. Who was bullying Dorinda? Let us know… if it’s true, that is.

In another tweet, Elyse claimed, “It was not as one sided as it appears. @DorindaMedley has a heart of gold, and has helped me navigate through some tough times.”


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Elyse added, “It’s only a 40 minute show. So much goes on that not everyone gets to see. Dorinda is still the same sincere woman who won everyone over in the earlier seasons.” We miss that woman. We haven’t seen her in a long time.

When a viewer suggested that Elyse should replace Dorinda in the cast, Elyse replied, “I can never replace Dorinda. But thank you for the thought.” She also insisted, “Dorinda is harmless.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]