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Ramona Singer Apologizes For Her “All Lives Matter” Comment, Claims She Was “Misinformed” & “Not Educated Enough”

Ramona Singer has always said her delivery is downright terrible, but boy did she put her foot in her mouth this time.

Earlier this week, the Real Housewives of New York City star found herself on the receiving end of major backlash after making a flagrantly insensitive comment related to the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests around the country. Now, Ramona is taking to social media to claim the experience was a serious learning lesson for her.

Let’s back up for a moment, shall we? The drama all started in the comments section of Ramona‘s Instagram. When one fan questioned why the RHONY OG wasn’t using her platform to speak out for racial justice, she replied, “All lives matter.” Naturally, newbie Leah McSweeney took a screenshot of the comment, posted it to her Story with a face-palm emoji (as captured by AOL’s Gibson Johns) and the whole thing spiraled from there.

(Now, if you don’t understand why saying “All lives matter” is a dismissive and inappropriate response to the problem of systemic racism in this country, I’m going to suggest you do your research.)


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Thankfully, fans were quick to call out Ramona for using the offensive phrase. While some wanted to outright cancel the Singer Stinger, she eventually deleted the comment and sprang into damage control mode.

If you follow the RHONY star on social media, you’ll see that she’s since shared multiple posts in support of George Floyd, used the Black Lives Matter hashtag and even participated in the viral “Blackout Tuesday” campaign.” While she didn’t offer any sort of official statement or apology, Ramona has been replying directly to fans on social media about her blunder.


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“I wasn’t educated enough on the cause and I’m sorry,” she wrote to one user calling out her sudden change in rhetoric. To another, she replied, “I am continuing to educate myself more. I apologize for the misinformed comment.”

Ramona also shared that her daughter Avery Singer sat her down following the controversy to watch the Netflix documentary 13th. (The Ava DuVernay-directed film connects the dots between the abolition of slavery in 1865 with the passage of the 13th Amendment and the current mass incarceration of people of color in the United States due to racist systems like the prison-industrial complex. And honestly, if any piece of media can help foster understanding of the need for racial equality and the Black Lives Matter movement, that documentary is a great starting point.)


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So yes, while Ramona was definitely in the wrong for using “All Lives Matter,” I dare say she does appear to be genuinely contrite and taking the experience to heart. At least until the next time she says something insensitive, anyway. Maybe next, Leah can teach her about the connection between white supremacy and the tiki torches at her house in the Hamptons…


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