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Erika Jayne Defends Police Officer Son Amid Black Out Tuesday Social Media Posts

We all know Erika Jayne, her reputation for being “cold” and unfeeling has followed her since joining Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Erika doesn’t have many f’s to give and doesn’t care what you think about it. It’s almost a refreshing take after seeing Bangs Kyle Richards have meltdowns over someone’s glam appointment or discussing the merits of appropriate ice sculptures.

Erika is thus far serving as a sardonic voice of reason this season. She does not necessarily play the part of shit-stirrer, but Erika won’t back down from sharing her thoughts. As we are learning through the tumultuous times our nation is witnessing, many celebrities are using their broad platforms to voice personal views on the Black Lives Matter movement. In showing solidarity with the BLM community, Erika acknowledged Black Out Tuesday on social media. A follower thought to remind Erika her son is a police officer. In response, she did what she does best, not hold back.

In an effort to support Black Lives Matter and highlight the disadvantages people of color experience just living their daily lives, #BlackOutTuesday was created. It was a social media initiative to go silent, reflect on recent events, and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Erika participated in the day by posting a black square. According to Page Six, when a follower commented on Erika’s son being a police officer, she took someone to school.

Fans know Erika has a son, he’s a police officer, and she is HIGHLY protective of him. There aren’t pages of photos of him on social media, she doesn’t speak of him often on camera (Eileen Davidson can tell you why), and he doesn’t seem to yearn for public attention. So when Erika publicly supported #BlackOutTuesday, one of her followers wrote, “Your son is an officer!”. Naturally this caused a ruffle in the Gucci track suit-time continuum.


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There is no doubt men and women who have dedicated their lives to law enforcement are under a microscope. It isn’t the first time unlawful acts of others have bled into the opinion of an entire group. And Erika is probably feeling extra-sensitive about her son, who puts on a badge for work each day. But don’t get it twisted, just because someone might be a cop does NOT mean they are a racist or share beliefs towards other human beings that are harmful.

In response to the comment, Erika said, “My son was brought up NOT to be racist,” she wrote. “His job is to protect and serve ALL not just people that have his skin color. Fuck you and stay off my page.”


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Listen, if you get all of your news via Facebook or your buddy Karen, it might seem appropriate to assume all cops are bad. But it serves no purpose and certainly does not further the desire for peace to speculate every person in law enforcement has an alternative agenda. It is not accurate. Then Erika shared messages of support she received from followers. One person wrote, “Man I thought I loved you before, but hell yes” and another said, “Must be hard for you as your son is an officer, but good on you for standing up to injustice”.

Erika handled this situation like a mom. No pomp and circumstance, no jazz hands, no unreasonable calls for attention. You talk about my kid and the hammer comes down, pure and simple. But Erika’s message happens to be important. Yes, you can support a movement detailing the atrocities others might face. You can show support for a community who has been fighting for equality since the 1700’s. And as Erika has shown us, you can do this while loving a police officer.


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