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Kyle Richards Thinks Garcelle Beauvais Used Her For A Storyline

As far as seasons go, this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the most enjoyable one I’ve seen in a long time. As much as I appreciate Lisa Vanderpump, the constant gunning for her was getting old. Especially last season when the whole plotline was dedicated to, well, a dog. Side note, where do we think Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy is right now? Either way, she’s probably happy to be away from this mess!

But some things never change in Beverly Hills. And there does need to be someone to take down each season. Fan-favorite Denise Richards is the new target without a doubt. I for one am patiently waiting for it to be Kyle Richards and I might just get my wish with the addition of Garcelle Beauvais. Garcelle has already admitted she’s not really feeling Kyle so it’s no secret. She even said Kyle was hard to communicate with. But Kyle is working overtime to change that narrative, like she always does.

Recently, Kyle took to Twitter to plead her case about why Garcelle seemingly has it out for her. When a Twitter user asked Kyle why Garcelle is coming so hard for her, Kyle had quite the interesting response. Kyle said, “I think because she was away a lot and was looking for a storyline. I showed up to her charity event and donated to her charity because I wanted to be there and support her.”

Ah, so in Kyle’s mind, attending a charity event that she is paid to film means she’s off the hook for anything else she does to her castmates. I feel like this is such a Kyle thing to say. She gave money (which she has plenty of) so everyone should just assume that she supports someone, no matter what else she does before or after that. On top of that, Garcelle doesn’t exactly need a storyline. The storyline is that she’s new to the cast and putting her feelers out. Isn’t that what freshman castmates always do when they join?


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But Kyle wasn’t done. When another fan tweeted her, saying she believes Garcelle has it out for her, Kyle doubled down. Kyle responded, “I think I am the only cast member that had her over to their house one on one to try and get to know her. I asked her so many questions about her life and enjoyed our time together.” Sure, Kyle. And why didn’t we see that part? Yes, I know editing has something to do with that but given Garcelle’s take on things, I’m inclined to believe her side of the story over Kyle.

So what do we think? Is Kyle doing some major damage control at this point? It sounds like she’s really trying to build a case for herself here. Especially because aside from her fan base, people are already really loving Garcelle this season. Kyle has vied for the RHOBH crown for so many years. Maybe she should be more careful about what she wishes for.


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