Dorit Kemsley Slams Vanderpump Dogs As A “Foundation Looking For Attention”

Both Lisa Vanderpump fans and Lisa Vanderpump haters can agree that she does amazing work for the dogs. Her heart is definitely in the right place and she is genuine with all of her philanthropic efforts.

But what about the PR tactics? That’s where the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers are split. Some people say that LVP had nothing to do with leaking the article about Dorit Kemsley’s failed dog adoption. Others are adamant that Lisa orchestrated an elaborate plan. Then, there are some people who believe Lisa did have a hand in this, but they simply don’t care. This is where I fall because Dorit deserved to be exposed for her SECOND failed dog adoption. I just wish Lisa owned it and brought Dorit down a peg or two. Or fifty. Call her out, Lisa.

Dorit is not the victim in this. First and foremost, the dog’s safety was the most important issue here. Now that Lucy Lucy Apple Juice is safe and sound, there’s another problem though. Who’s leaking stories to the press?

Well, the entire RHOBH cast knew about this along with the production team. It actually could have been a lot of people, but the RHOBH ladies insist it’s Lisa. Dorit is one of those people.

She continued playing the victim role in her latest Bravo blog post. Dorit wrote, “Having gone through ups and downs this season with someone who I thought was my close friend then watching it all play back simply stirs my emotions and brings me back to a very unsettling place.” Who would have thought that adopting a dog to  get into someone’s good graces could end so poorly? Oh wait, this is Dorit we are talking about.

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Dorit recalled, “When I saw the Radar Online article, my initial thought was that the information had been supplied by Lisa V or her team because most of it was described in Lisa’s voice. What solidified my assumption was the fact that there are certain points addressed in the scathing article that only Lisa V and her team were privy to. For example, the article notes, ‘After the chihuahua mix nipped at one of her children…’ Only Lisa V and her team knew that Lucy was a chihuahua mix.”

I know absolutely nothing about dogs, but I have eyes. Even I knew that Lucy had some chihuahua in her. That isn’t exactly a smoking gun, Dorit.

Still, Dorit continued, “it was Lisa V, who when I spoke with after Lucy went to her new home, described the situation as ‘Lucy nipping at the kids.’ It was she who first used the word ‘nipping’ regarding the situation.” Again, not a smoking gun. I’m not saying LVP had nothing to do with this. There is just zero concrete evidence. If they’re going to go after Lisa, they need more solid evidence.

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Dorit also claimed, “Need I remind you that on that same call, Lisa V was supportive of Lucy going to a new home as she never asked me to bring her back to the center.” If only this phone call was recorded.

Then, Dorit claimed, “I felt completely blindsided by the article because for one, Lisa V assured me she knew I meant no harm and two, we were getting along fine at Denise’s [Richards] wedding.”

She added, “The part that really rattled me about the article were the nasty comments and threats to my kids that ensued after it was published. All the mothers out there will understand me when I say that when I felt like my kids were in jeopardy and being attacked, it shook me to my core and kept me up at night thinking how can I protect them from potential harm.”

Dorit wrote, “Accusations were also made about me mistreating animals which, again, are completely false and posed a total character assassination. I love dogs, I grew up with dogs, and to think that anyone would believe otherwise due to a twisted story perpetuated by a foundation looking for attention is heartbreaking.” Those are some harsh words.

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She claimed, “Until this day I ask myself how Lisa V could intentionally allow her team to reveal such a demoralizing version of the truth about her friend when in fact she knew the truth.”

Can someone please hand Dorit the incorrect glassware at an event. I actually miss that storyline. Well, really I just want them to talk about anything other than this dog. The dog is safe. Dorit f*cked up. Lisa will never say if she had something to do with it. Can we just move on? Fight about something else. Please.

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