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Tiger King Star Jeff Lowe & His Wife Lauren Landed Their Own Reality Show

It was only 11.5 weeks ago, after our nation was met with a global pandemic, that we all came together and bonded over Tiger King. This absolute shit show of a series taught me about love, loss, polygamy, meat trucks, and that just about anyone can run for an office. Speaking of, in case you missed it, Joe Exotic is still waiting on that pardon from reality-star-turned-president, Donald Trump. And we’re all still waiting on his record deal!

I’m sure all you cool cats and kittens haven’t forgotten Joe’s nemesis Carole Baskin. The woman who is accused of feeding her murdered husband to tigers. Carole is remarkable to the point that even Cardi B has taken shots at her. Since then, it’s been revealed that Carole is actually in control of Joe’s zoo. Of course, Joe is in prison and this zoo was being run by Jeff Lowe. Are you keeping up? Well, it sounds like Jeff isn’t about to let this eviction destroy his chance at the spotlight. Or whatever this mess is considered.

Jeff recently told People that he and his wife Lauren Lowe, “are now signed for a reality TV show.” Supposedly the new show will “divulge a lot more information about the relationship between [Jeff and Joe].” Jeff continued saying, “It’ll be our narrative on the Tiger King with evidence to support our sides of the stories. And it will be about the transfer of all these beautiful animals from Joe’s facility to the new facility.”

Jeff  says he expects this show to show “the day-to-day struggle of running something as big as a 60-acre animal park and all the intricacies of the employment of zookeepers and fighting all of the animal rights groups.”


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He even wants it to depict that, “[tiger keeping] can be done right.” (This is where I casually remind you about episode 7 where Jeff was arrested in Vegas for having unlicensed wild animals and a shit load of unregistered weapons).

We all watched Jeff  repeatedly mismanage the care of his animals. However,  he claims, “We have an immaculate reputation with the USDA who regulates all the zoos in the world. We have a great relationship with them. We have a great relationship with Fish and Game. The state of Oklahoma, all the game wardens, they really like us, so I think it’ll be an interesting show.”


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I know you’re all itching to know when this comeback story is going to drop. Well, ever-sketchy Jeff reported, “We’re just going to have to find out…They haven’t even given us an exact date of production. It’s in pre-production right now.”

Hopefully Jeff is done trolling for hot nannies and back to his hard work at the zoo. I am absolutely dying to watch he, Lauren, and any other grifters try to correct their image. And seriously, if you don’t have time to re-watch episode 7, at least read this important recap.


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