Porsha Williams Discusses Getting Hit With Rocks By A KKK Member When She Was At A Protest With Her Grandfather As A Child

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams has always been a fan favorite. She’s also one of my top 3 favorite housewives of all time. And Porsha has come a long way.

Long gone are the days where she was a young and submissive wife. Also gone are the days when she needed to be anyone’s “little sister” on the show. Porsha has truly come into her own and I know fans are cheering her on all the way.

But all that personal growth no doubt stems from the hardships she has endured in her life. It’s well known that Porsha’s grandfather, Hosea Williams, was a famous civil rights leader. From a young age, Porsha was exposed to activism and  fighting for civil rights along with him.

Yahoo! Entertainment reported on what Porsha had to say about her experiences on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy CohenPorsha explains, “I was about 6 years old when I went to my first march. It was here in Forsyth County, Georgia, and I was excited to go, of course as a little kid, you finally get to go to work with your granddad, you hear he’s doing all this stuff. We get out there and I’m excited, again, innocent, singing the songs, ‘We Shall Overcome,” etc.”


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She continues,”We came across Klu Klux Klan, and they decided to protest our protest. They threw rocks at us, I actually got hit with one. They chased us all the way back to the buses, because we had busloads of people with us.” She shared, “They called us the n-word and any other thing the KKK would be calling us.”

Porsha admits that she now feels “empowered” when thinking back to her involvement in those protests as a child. “I was out there at such a young age with my grandfather, because Forsyth County is really racist,” she recalled. “They had actually driven out all of the African-Americans who lived there over the years. And so, we were going to basically say, ‘No. We need to bring Black people in here.’”


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Porsha explains, “That was the first time I really got slapped with it as a little girl. As an adult, as a black woman, listen, I deal with it throughout the years in my own way.”

Porsha says she didn’t understand the racism at the time but learned from her father that “some people do hate you, even though you may be trying to do a good thing.”


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She concludes, “But what I got out of that was to keep going regardless. I never saw my grandfather stop, I never saw my dad stop. The movement is still continuing on and i think that is apart of what’s inside of me that’s not gonna stop. I know that people are protesting now, and I know that a lot of the times when the media stops covering it, it kind of dies down and ends. But it’s not gonna stop this time.”

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, Porsha has been out in the streets marching again. She says the experience of being hit with teargas during the protests has given her “another level of strength” to continue protesting. Porsha’s grandfather would be very proud.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]