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Porsha Williams Details Being Tear Gassed During Peaceful Protest; Says It Gave Her “Strength”

Porsha Williams has come into her own on Real Housewives of Atlanta. When we first met Porsha, she was being controlled by the wife of now ex-husband, Kordell Stewart. We also learned her grandfather has an incredibly impressive history. Reverend Hosea Williams was a champion of the Civil Rights movement and marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in an effort to bring equality to African Americans.

Porsha appeared somewhat naive during the early years. Both in life and her heritage, most of us will never forget #undergroundrailroadgate. That said, it looks like Porsha has taken her experiences and grown as a person. She continues to provide a sufficient amount of shade on RHOA. Porsha has also become a mother to Pilar Jhena, though she may or may not be engaged to a Hot Dog King. Now Porsha is sharing her latest role. Much like her grandfather, Porsha is on the front lines of activism and she wants everyone to hear her message.

On May 25, the bloodshed of another unarmed man via police officers was the tipping point for most. People of all colors and race have taken to the streets in an effort to condemn the senseless killing. Celebrities were not immune to the horror and some have decided to use their status as an outlet.

Folks are banding together to support a cause that is crucial to humanity in general. But humanity is not convenient, and oftentimes the struggle is longterm. Porsha marched in Atlanta, joining protests demanding change in the wake of George Floyd’s death. It was a peaceful protest, but according to People, activists found themselves surrounded by tear gas.


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Porsha shared, “It was devastating to feel like I was out there trying to stand with my people, stand with our allies, and help them raise a message of hope and to be silenced and not able to breathe because of the gas bomb that was thrown.”

Hundreds of peaceful protests were plagued by law enforcement using crowd disbursement tactics. Porsha posted a video to her Instagram detailing the events. “It won’t stop. Anybody who is out there now and they feel like they can’t move forward because of the mistreatment [by] the police and what they’re doing to us. I would say to them, stay focused on the cause,” Porsha shared. “We are looking to get justice for George Floyd.”


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Porsha ran away as the tear gas dispersed. After arriving at a safe space, she poured water on her face. While incredibly disturbing, Porsha says the experience gave her “another level of strength” to continue protesting.

She explained, “Right now I am pushing through with a heavy heart for everyone, for the people who live in this country, for my brothers and sisters. I’m searching for answers and the same unrest that’s going on in our country is going on within me to find a way to be most effective in this movement for Black Lives Matter.” Though Porsha and her grandfather’s activism are decades apart, they share the same message: equality.


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“I want everybody to go vote. The same African American lives that we want to save and the same way I just want to live in my black skin and my brother just wants to live in his black skin, those same African Americans die for the right for us to be able to vote,” Porsha said. “That is how you lift your voice; that is how you fight for real change.”

This is a grown ass Porsha Williams out here making a statement and fighting for change. This is not Porsha the former wife of a football guy. This is not Porsha the cheeky Princess of Thotlandia. This is Porsha the mother and activist. This Porsha has something to say.


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