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David Foster Says He’ll “Never Tell” The Real Reason Why He Divorced Yolanda Hadid; Claims It Wasn’t Because Of Lyme Disease

One word suffices in describing what it was like to watch David Foster and Yolanda Hadid together on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: insufferable. Oh my love, my king. Let me change out of my white jeans and into an embarrassing maid’s costume. Let me serve you a meal with extra lemon as though I am a peon. In my imagination, this is exactly what Yolanda’s inner monologue sounded like when she was married to David.

They were married for four years, but together nine years total before calling it quits in December 2015. As annoying as Yolanda was, David was equal parts narcissist. (Never forget how cringe-worthy it was when he shushed their guests while playing the piano). In Yolanda’s last season on RHOBH she was simultaneously battling Lyme Disease and fighting off rumors spread by Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, and Lisa Vanderpump that she was faking it. In spite of this, she managed to hide her separation from David a majority of the season. It wasn’t until the reunion aired that she announced their divorce. Yo claimed that David left her because he was fed up with her illness. Now, he’s telling his side.

In a new Netflix documentary, “David Foster: Off the Record,” David is in complete control of this narrative. As reported by Page Six, David says in the documentary, “How can I leave a sick woman? The fact of the matter is that was not the reason I left. It was for a different reason which I will never disclose that had nothing to do with her being sick.” Thanks for the clarification. Even if he didn’t leave her for being sick, he likely left for another reason that would make him look bad. David being bad at marriage (he’s currently on wife number 5) is actually enough of a reason.

He also speaks in the documentary about his time on RHOBH. “My wife at the time wanted to do the show,” he shared. “I didn’t want to be the guy to say no.” But he did want to be the guy to get divorced again. As for the people who only recognize his smug face from the show, David would like to eloquently say, “Hey, I’ve got 16 f–king Grammys, half a billion records. F–k that show!” David really has no chips on his shoulder.


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The most interesting tidbit from Page Six is what his current wife, Katharine McPhee, shared about him. “There have been moments where you feel like, ‘God, does he have any empathy at all?’ He’s so good at disguising what he feels. He just wants everything to be OK at all times and if it’s not, he’s gone.” It really sounds like David is incapable of acting like adult.

If you want more proof of his rather disturbing, narcissistic traits, don’t waste your time on the documentary. Instead, read the review of it on Roger Ebert. It’s full of great points, like the idea that David would benefit from a therapist. It’s also full of great quotes like this, “instead of a therapist, he has a documentary crew who lets him recount the past, without the threat of challenging him. Foster has a golden gut when it comes to hits in music, but I think it’ll be better for him when he realizes why this narrow documentary about his life is a big miss.” It would be great if those words hurt him, but we already know he lacks empathy.


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