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Love After Lockup Alum Daniel Valentine Is Looking For A Woman To Join Him And His Wife In A Throuple

I have to admit, Love After Lockup is my ultimate guilty pleasure. While housewives will always have a special place in my heart, I’m not exactly embarrassed to admit that I watch it. Love After Lockup? I need to feel people out before actually admitting how into this show I am. I don’t know if it’s the dysfunction or the sheer anticipation of who is going to get used. But it’s quite the combo.

One couple that I just knew deep down wouldn’t make it was Daniel Valentine and Lizzy Copeland. How did I know? Well, it didn’t exactly take a genius to figure it out. Plus, it’s never a good sign when your relationship is reduced to having sex on the laundry room floor. But really, Lizzy seemingly struggled with alcohol and Daniel with drugs. That’s a hard combination to overcome for anyone, much less a newly freed inmate and his fiancé.

So, just as pretty much everyone predicted, Daniel and Lizzy didn’t get back together after breaking off their engagement on the show. And Daniel wasted literally no time moving on. While Lizzy was reduced to posting gym selfies for attention, Daniel married girlfriend, Zanna Valentine in July.

But now it sounds like Daniel is interested in spicing up his new marriage. That didn’t take much time at all. Soap Net reports that Daniel and his wife are interested in a “throuple.” For those virgin eyes out there, a throuple is a fun lil word for a threesome. Daniel recently posted on his Facebook about it. He says, “Ya’ll think we’re not serious….throuples are a thing and my wife and I are into it. We would like someone in our lives.” He ends it with some motivational words, “You can do anything. You only live once enjoy it.”


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I can’t even get past the grammar and lack of punctuation let alone his admission. Now look, I’m no prude. But we can file this under “things I really didn’t need to know”. Cool, get your marriage poppin’ but leave us out of it.

But Daniel is giving his wife credit where credit is due, announcing that he’s clean and she plays a role in that. In another post he says, “Been rough through out this year but I’m thankful for those who are in it 100.” He goes on to say, “And you Zanna for sticking by y side showing me a greater path for a serious future the star are not the limit so to speak I love you momas [sic].”


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Well, here’s to only living once.

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