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Love After Lockup Recap: Trapped And Ghosted

There’s so much at stake right now for the Love After Lockup couples. The tension has risen to new heights, so the drama is SO HOT. Heather is giving us full on serial killer vibes every week, and we’re concerned for Dylan’s safety. He needs to find a way to live somewhere else so he can escape her madness. Jessica and Maurice are already expecting their first child together, so he needs to stop up ASAP. Find a job man.

The two biggest messes of the season are Scott & Lindsey and Shawn & Destinie. Scott located what he believes to be Lindsey’s master plan on last week’s episode of Love After Lockup. It looks really bad. Like REALLY bad. Who writes that kind of thing down and leaves it around for someone to find? Amateur. Shawn is still living his life on the edge because he has no idea if Destinie will show up to court. It’s now or never for them both.

Heather & Dylan

Heather Love After Lockup

Heather is so unstable. I’m surprised she isn’t the one who spent time in prison. The parole officer is a little rude because Dylan wasn’t really that late. Luckily, he gets a slap on the wrist and doesn’t end up getting arrested.

This is the least appealing option for Heather, but Aunt Diane’s is where they have to reside. Good luck with THAT. What a horrible arrangement Dylan is trapped in. Poor dude.

Jessica & Maurice

Maurice Love After Lockup

They’re off to visit her parents, but they’ll be keeping the baby news a secret. It’s nice that her dad is willing to help him learn a trade, so he can get a job. I like how they are taking interest in actually helping Maurice build a better life.

Firstly, welding looks so scary. I’m so happy I write books and create content. This is not something I’m ever trying to do. My clumsy self would be blinded on the first day or burned or humiliated.


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Maurice makes a comment about providing for his family, so he has to spill the beans. Jessica’s dad has no idea what to say to this news. I actually really like Maurice, so I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Normally I’d be judging, but not this time. He seems to actually want to try to build a better life for himself.

Jessica is going to be so annoyed that he told her dad. Her dad definitely wasn’t expecting that kind of news. In an unexpected move, Jessica’s dad loans Maurice the money to get her a ring. Who has that kind of cash just chillin in their garage? SO WEIRD.

John & Kristianna

John Love After Lockup

I actually think it’s really weird Kristianna’s mom and sister are moving in with him. To be fair, he’s probably spent more time with her mother than he has with his wife. He doesn’t know any of these people. They’re all strangers at the end of the day. He has no idea what he’s really invited into his home.

John gets a call informing him that Kristianna is no longer a resident at the halfway house. Welp. She didn’t last very long in there. It’s so weird that her sister is discussing this at all given that she has her own current drug problem. She doesn’t need to be hanging out in Kristianna’s old hangout spots. She could relapse her own self.


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Kristianna reached out to John, so the race is on to find her before the police do. She might not be in any condition to have cameras on her to deal with this. John is trying to call her, but there’s no answer. This is not good at all. He finally located her in a parking lot, and she admits she relapsed.

She was surrounded by triggers, so it’s not shocking she relapsed. Everyone around her was a drug user or dealer. It must be hard to fend off your addiction with that constant temptation. That’s a lot for anyone to deal with who is so new in their recovery.

Scott & Lindsey

Lindsey Love After Lockup

Lindsey is caught red handed with her journal implying that she was conning him all along. She wants to switch her residence to her mom’s because she doesn’t want to deal with Scott invading her privacy. It’s going to take days before she can leave, so she’s trapped with Scott.

There’s no way that quote was actually out of a book. Scott needs to let her leave because it’s obvious she’s lying. She is trying to paint him out to be the bad guy here. Stop playing Lindsey. Your con has been exposed.


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These two are past the point of no return I think. Scott doesn’t believe a word Lindsey is saying. She tries to divert attention off of the journal entry by crying about her daughter not being there. Cry me a river girl. FOR REAL

She can claim she loves Scott all day, but her actions prove otherwise. Scott even being willing to work this out is stupid. He looks like an actual idiot for giving her another chance. There is no book. There was no quote. She wrote it, and we all know it.

Shawn & Destinie

Destinie Love After Lockup

Shawn is heading to the court house, so hopefully Destinie shows up. She never came home the night before. I would be losing my mind if I was Shawn. Destinie is such a flight risk, and Shawn has so much money on the line. He’s nervous for her and what could happen, but he needs to be more concerned about himself.

With only minutes until her hearing, Destinie continues to deny Shawn’s calls. This is NOT a good sign. Although she might just be annoyed with him. He brings up the $50,000 constantly, and she’s probably over it at this point. I know I would be.


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There’s so much on the line for Shawn with this court case. My anxiety would be through the roof if I was him. Thankfully, Destinie shows up! She waited until the last minute, but she’s actually there. Shoutout to Destinie’s sister for making sure she actually showed up. Shawn’s reaction is a little much though. Just chill bud. She’s there. We get it.

Court has never been a friend to Destinie because she usually ends up arrested. I hope it gets dismissed, and she stays free. She doesn’t feel like a criminal to me. She can be sketchy, but she’s actually kind of funny at times.

Tyrice & Chanda

Tyrice Love After Lockup

Tyrice needs to just let Chanda go. Let her out of your mind. You’ve been ghosted. She’s a con artist and was talking to many other men while she was in prison.

It turns out Tyrice wasn’t the only one ghosted by Chanda. She also dipped out on production and stopped filming the series. She finally decided to reach back out to them to tell her side of the story. Chanda felt no connection to him. There was no spark when they kissed.

Chanda is doing great, and she’s ready to close this chapter. She’s going to call Tyrice and break this poor man’s heart. She apologizes to him and explains that he deserves better. Tyrice doesn’t want to be her friend or anything to do with her, so that’s that.


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