Love After Lockup Season Finale Recap: Unhappily Ever After

This bumpy Love After Lockup ride is coming to an end. What a season it’s been! Heather and Dylan gave me massive amounts of anxiety with her reckless driving and hostile antics. I’m not sad to see that part coming to an end. I can finally breathe again! John and Kristianna had the quickest wedding of all time, and they’ve yet to experience any type of marital bliss. She needs to turn herself into the authorities and fix her life.

It doesn’t make any sense that Scott is still with Lindsey. He uncovered written proof of her plan to con him and use him. Despite that, he’s still determined to make a life with her. It defies all logic, but that’s where we are with that couple folks. Weird. We know. Weird can also be used to describe everything that’s gone down between Shawn and Destinie. Their next source of drama is Destinie meeting his ex, and hopefully nobody dies.

Heather & Dylan

Dylan Love After Lockup

Dylan is doing so much better with Heather out of his life. Getting out of that toxic mess is the best thing he could have done for himself. She was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, so thank goodness that’s over.

The car incident was the last time he ever spoke to Heather. Good. She was going to get him into so much trouble. It sucks in a sense because of how close they were at one time. However, there were so many red flags that he needed to get himself out of that situation.

Heather’s side of the story is so bizarre talking about how distant Dylan had become. Of course he was distant. You were acting like an actual sociopath. Serial killer level vibes. Luckily for everyone, she doesn’t want to get back with him ever, so it’s OVER.

Jessica & Maurice

Jessica Love After Lockup

Jessica’s estranged sister might be coming to her wedding! That’s the greatest news ever. Her sister has been out of her life since she and Maurice first go together. Hopefully the second wedding and new baby help her come around to the idea.

It’s been four years since they’ve been in each other’s lives. Jessica really hopes her sister can see Maurice isn’t this hardened criminal she thinks he is. Fingers crossed!

Maurice’s family is in town for the wedding, and he is beaming with joy. You can tell he really wants to make this work and build a future with Jessica. I’m so proud of him. He’s come such a long way.


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Jessica’s father looks way more on board with the relationship than he originally was. Maurice has worked hard to win them over. I’m sure the surprise baby sped things along, but I truly believe he’s deserving of their blessing to be with Jessica.


A major snag hits the couple when Maurice runs out of gas on the way to the wedding. How stupid can you be? That’s so irresponsible. Don’t make me take back all the kind words I said.

Despite all the odds stacked against them, Jessica and Maurice are finally having the wedding they deserve. They’re surrounded by their closest friends and family, and it’s overall magical. Congrats to the happy couple.

John & Kristianna

Kristianna Love After Lockup

Kristianna is FINALLY going to turn herself in. She relapsed and used crack/cocaine, and ran away from the halfway house. Despite the setback, it shows initiative and bravery to admit that and try to get back on track. Kudos to her for turning herself in.

Kristianna breaks down at the

idea of her mother dying while she’s locked up again. Her mother is worried about the same for her. This family has so many issues and a lot of healing needs to take place when she gets out next. She had a taste of freedom, and now who even knows when she’ll be free again.


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It’s sad Kristianna has to go back, but she feels like she’s in a better place. Drugs have taken a toll on her. It’s a lot for someone to take on. She has a family and husband that love her, and they’ll all be waiting when she gets out. She DOES have a future to live for and fight toward.

Scott & Lindsey

Lindsey Love After Lockup

Of course, Lindsey has a secret relationship with a woman. Why wouldn’t she? Just another crazy chapter in her relationship with Scott. She doesn’t want him to be with anyone else, but she wants him to have to accept this. That hardly seems like a fair deal.

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting monogamy. There is however something wrong with lying. Keeping Scott in the dark about this is not the way to go about this. It’s just going to make it worse.


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Lindsey’s daughter Mylie Grace is finally moving in with them. She was previously unable to because of the pandemic, but it’s happening. I’d like to think this will help Lindsey stay out of trouble, but that’s probably a pipe dream. Her constant secrets are going to come back and bite her eventually.

Mylie is more appreciative of everything Scott does for her than her own mother. How sad is that? This is just a trial run, so there’s a chance she won’t be staying there too long. For her daughter’s sake, Lindsey needs to do whatever she has to do to make this work. Mylie needs stability in her life. It’s been filled with so much upheaval thus far.

Shavel & Quaylon

Quaylon Love After Lockup

Quaylon calls Shavel to apologize for lying about his whereabouts. At least he understands that lying to her is bad and he’s owning his mistake. At the same time, you can’t blame him for being frustrated by Shavel’s incessant calls. He’s spent his entire adult life being told what to do in prison, so he’s extra triggered by her hovering. It’s understandable.

Shavel is putting on the pressure to get married, and it’s driving Quaylon away. The more she tries to lay down plans for the future, the more he’s going to pull away. He is not at all ready for this kind of commitment. No matter what he was saying to her while he was locked up, he’s clearly not ready.


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Shavel’s mom has totally read the situation for exactly what it is. Shavel put so much energy and money into the relationship and is getting nothing in return. Nobody deserves that. Break up with this loser, and let it go. The way he’s playing you and your daughter is unacceptable. That can do such a number on the mind of a child.

Quaylon is actually back in Kansas City, and that is somewhat unexpected. His one way ticket seemed like the final nail in the coffin of their relationship. This might be a more of a final closure trip than a way to reignite the spark between them.

He isn’t ready for marriage yet. He has to get into the right headspace to do this. Shavel might want it sooner rather than later, but giving Quaylon time to get it together does them nothing but good in the long term. Give it some time to breathe.

Shawn & Destinie

Destinie Love After Lockup

I’m not saying I want to see Destinie and Kelly fight, but I’m not not saying it either. I weirdly like Destinie, so I have to root for her here. Why am I the way I am?

Shawn’s so nervous about how this is going to go. He should be. Kelly’s energy at this sit down as a little more aggressive than I expected. Shawn tries to explain why he wants to start talking to Kelly less, but she’s not having it. The digs about Destinie being in prison are just going to escalate the tension.

Destinie is being disrespectful, but Kelly isn’t helping matters. To shut Kelly up, Destinie exposes the fact that she’s engaged to Shawn. That’s not going to have a calming effect on her. Kelly is about to lose her mind over this sit down, and Shawn is smack dab in the middle.


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Why can’t Kelly just respect the relationship? Shawn obviously wants to be with Destinie, so try to carve a path to peace. She was making it about more than just the kids. Instead of agreeing to dial back communication, she’s losing her mind in public. Why trigger an altercation like that?

Kelly warns Shawn that she won’t let the kids talk to him or be around Destinie. Why can’t these adults get it together for the sake of the kids? It doesn’t help anyone by keeping them away from their father. Destinie isn’t the most maternal, but surely there is another way to tackle this issue.


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There’s no trust between Shawn and Destinie. He is keeping a secret from her, and she’s picking up on it. They tried to get back together in the not so distant past. She probably thinks she still has a shot. Tell her now before it’s too late.


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