Below Deck Mediterranean Star Kiko Lorran Thanks Fans For Support And Asks Them “Not To Blame Other Cast Members” For Him Getting Fired

The Below Deck Mediterranean fans are going to miss Kiko Lorran. It was so tough to watch him feeling so defeated after Captain Sandy Yawn fired him during the most recent episode. He even had to work through the rest of the charter, which was just so sad to watch.

Pretty much everyone on Twitter sympathized with Kiko. I, for one, wanted to give him a hug. It was so tough to see him crying in his bunk. After the episode, lots of viewers took issue with some of the other cast members. However, Kiko, as per usual, kept it classy after the episod.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Kiko wrote, “I just wanna say thank you so much for all the support and I love what you guys are sending to me. I can really feel this amazing energy!

Also I hope I could represent my country, all the latinos and hard workers around the globe, life is not always easy for us. So when we have an opportunity we take no matter what.”

Kiko continued, “Thank you so much @bravotv and @51minds for this opportunity and experience, in the show I could see what I am really good in and be more confident and also I could see where I need to improve to be a better chef and also a better person.” Such. A. Class. Act.


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Kiko wrote, “And for my Fans, dont blame the other crew members for me leaving the show. A chef is responsible to make his own decision, I was so tired and I did a couple of right and a couple of wrong things, the pressure and the cameras made me [lose] my mind. In normal circumstances that probably would not happen but it did. So I have to say that was on me.” Props to him for being honest.

Addressing his fans, Kiko said, “I hope I can still make you guys smile here and also inspired you guys with my food, personality, and adventures, it’s been amazing time and I feel so blessed in this world and I’m so So So happy with you all. I can’t believe that I have so many great fans thats is amazing.”


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Ultimately, he advised his supporters, “Spread the love guys not hate that’s the message I wish to send to you all!” He also remarked, “We are humans let’s try to be Angels. (so cheesy).”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]