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Fired Below Deck Mediterranean Star Peter Hunziker Rants About Malia White For Alleged Cocaine Use; Says He Took Anxiety Medicine During Charter Season And Didn’t Face Consequences Like Hannah Ferrier Did

I’m still not over this week’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean. I was already upset about the firing of Chef Kiko Lorran. But now that we know Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier is getting fired, it’s too much, too soon. Not to mention the fact that Hannah’s firing was a total set up orchestrated by Bosun Malia White.

How convenient that Malia tells on Hannah after their argument over bunking arrangements. Even more convenient that Malia just so happens to “find” (prescribed) valium on board, along with a (perfectly legal) CBD pen in Hannah’s things. Can we talk about what a violation of privacy that was? Social media was understandably in an uproar over the whole thing. You all should already know I’m always Team Hannah but this incident would make any Hannah-hater upset for her too. Fans aren’t the only ones weighing in though.

Now fired Deckhand, Peter Hunziker decided to call out Malia for some serious hypocrisy. The Instagram account bravosuperfans captured his recent post and shared it. In it, Pete started by saying, “Honestly, let’s talk about Malia’s Cocaine use off the boat?” Oops. It’s important to note here that this is simply Pete’s take and this allegation is not something that is actually confirmed. As much as I am pissed at Malia, she deserves that note.

He continued, “How is that any better? Hannah has a prescription, which she can handle from a licensed doctor and Malia chooses in her drug time to spend big money on dangerous shit sending it str8 to her bosun captain brain. Amazing.” Wow, he is really going in.


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Pete went on, “I’m honestly loving watching this show unfold, and am ashamed I ever put my name in the hat for this terrible network and awful people on both sides.” Ok, well here’s where he lost me – he’s not exactly an angel and should reconsider his own shame for his own behavior.

Anyway, he concludes, “Hollyweirdos. Fuck Bravo and Below Deck this is not yachting by any means!” Whew. That was a lot. But that’s not all he had to say.


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Another Instagram account, belowdeckmedbravo shared from Pete’s Instagram stories. The post reads, “I feel for @hannahferrier234, I battle anxiety daily for personal reasons between me and my doctor. I’m prescribed similar medicine and had it with me on board the whole time.”

Pete continued to share, “I didn’t get fired, I had panic attacks, I took my medicine, I was fine.” Pause to clarify that he WAS fired, just not for this, which happened post-production. The point is that he took his anxiety medicine without any scandal during the charter season.


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He goes on about Malia, “What a ray, let’s air sweetheart Malia’s DRUG history out there Miss I’m so worried about my tickets but I’ll sniff an 8 ball on the weekend.” Pete finished by saying, “Yup, I’ve spoken, truth hurts #mentalhealth.”

Pete really did have some serious thoughts on the matter. While I will never actually side with him due to his past behavior, he has a good point. One could argue that Malia is entitled to do whatever she wants on her off time. But there is also the argument that it’s extremely hypocritical to rat someone out for “drug use” when what they are taking is prescribed and legal.


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I have a feeling as the fallout continues, more and more Below Deck Med fans and crew alike will come out in Hannah’s defense. Regardless of what you think of her, she truly was hung out to dry this season.


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