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Bugsy Drake Denies Plot To Get Rid Of Hannah Ferrier And Replace Kiko Lorran With Malia White’s Boyfriend On Below Deck Mediterranean

After it looked like fans of Below Deck Mediterranean were going to get a season of lady bosses taking over, the whole thing has turned into a big old mess #feminismbybravo. Hannah Ferrier has been tested by producer plant permanently irritated Lara Flumaini. Lara’s parents must have repeatedly rewarded her for acting like a jackwagon, and it was obvious. Captain Sandy Yawn showed Lara the door, only to open it for Hannah’s nemesis, and frequent Claire’s Boutique shopper, Bugsy Drake.

The current season of Below Deck Med, previously lauded as “the one where women are in charge” has become a floating dumpster fire. A racist was discharged. A well-meaning chef has been axed. And Hannah is on the hook about taking a Valium for anxiety. Bugsy had a go with Hannah on previous seasons, but she is great buds with the yacht’s bosun, Malia White. THANK GOODNESS Malia’s boyfriend, whose visit coincides with Chef Kiko Lorran’s strange termination, has a vast amount of chef experience. Word on the street is Captain Sandy, Bugsy, Bugsy’s 14 hairclips, and Malia might be plotting against Hannah to defeat her legacy once and for all. Viewers also suspect Kiko’s firing was a set up to bring in Malia’s boyfriend. Bugsy attempts to address these rumors on social media, and Hannah shared her thoughts as well.

Someone needs to call the Beastie Boys because this is Sabotage! Or maybe not. Things are weird on this boat, and I’m not talking about Bugsy’s over-accessorizing addiction. Kiko reached his mistake quota, and Sandy fired him – after making sure to humiliate him on television first. But the yachting gods and producers shined on Sandy because her mini-me Malia has a boyfriend who cooks. GO FIGURE. Also, Malia might have tattled on Hannah about taking anxiety medication. Because Malia is all about following the rules and has zero knowledge about mental health. After last week’s episode, social media lit up about a possible conspiracy against both Hannah and Kiko. Bugsy decided to respond and Hannah also had something to say.

On Twitter, Bugsy addressed viewer theories. She wrote,”I’m getting so bored of this Bugs, Malia and Sandy ‘plan all along’ conspiracy …please people, we are all professional in our fields and are in our positions for that exact reason- no time or extra energy to conjure up a ‘little’ plan of sabotage.” If Bugsy is so awesome at her job, why wasn’t she already working on a boat? Do we really think someone who had such previous friction with Hannah just “happened” to be available when Lara peaced out?


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In a now-deleted post, captured by Bravo by Betches on Instagram, Hannah responded. She wrote, “Well TECHNICALLY we only film for 6 weeks of the year, so that’s 10.5 months to come up with a good plan…”

Bugsy replied to Hannah, “you know I had no ill intentions towards you. I jumped in with hopes to help out start over with you and I thought we had succeeded in doing that and got along fine…” Now 2020 has given us some strange stuff to deal with, but you know things are weird when people (including myself) start defending Hannah. She is getting a dubious edit this season and make no mistake, Malia and Bugsy are most definitely on the same team.


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Bugsy is begging asking fans to give her a chance. She wrote, “I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for watching #BelowDeckMed for those of you who are upset by my return I hope you can find it within yourselves to give me a chance. I truly have no ill intentions towards anyone & hope you will be able to see that!”


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Hannah is not returning after this season, but is she making an early exit? Will Bugsy become the new Chief Stew? Will Malia’s man pick up where Kiko left off? Is Sandy actually going drive the boat? Or will she stay in the galley, instilling fear into all who try to cook there? Stay tuned.


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