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Hannah Ferrier Doesn’t Want Bugsy Drake “Dragged Into Hate” Because Malia White Sent Photo Of Hannah’s Prescription To Captain Sandy Yawn On Below Deck Mediterranean

Last week, my heart was breaking watch Kiko Lorran get fired mid-charter on Below Deck Mediterranean. Now, a week later I am absolutely fuming because Malia White decided to weaponize Hannah Ferrier’s mental health struggles by taking a photo of Hannah’s Valium prescription, CBD (which is legal), a lighter, and her adorable passport folder. Then, like the snake that she is, she sent the photo to Captain Sandy Yawn.

Yeah, we know it’s maritime law for the captain to be in the loop about the crew members’ prescriptions, but why did Malia have to be so shady? Why did she take sneak in to take a photo when Hannah wasn’t around? Why didn’t she just bring it up with Hannah and Sandy in person, just to make sure they were on the same page about Hannah’s safety? Oh, right, because she doesn’t actually care about Hannah’s well-being.

Instead, she was being a brat because Hannah didn’t want to switch cabins so Malia could room with her boyfriend Tom Checketts for two weeks. Oh, and a reminder: Hannah OUTRANKS the bosun AND the chef and is actually in charge of cabin arrangements. Malia can quote “maritime law” all she wants, but Malia operated with zero tact and absolutely no consideration for what Hannah may be going through. Luckily for her, Captain Sandy plays favorites, so Malia got exactly what she wanted… with a side helping of backlash from the fandom. She and Captain Sandy aren’t the only crew members getting hate from the fanbase though. Bugsy Drake has been brought into this photogate controversy and guess who’s defending her? Hannah herself. Wow. Are pigs flying? Has hell frozen over?

Hannah tweeted, “Hey guys – thanks so much for all your kind words and support. I feel like Bugs has been pulled into this situation so I want to make something clear. I don’t believe Bugs had anything to do with the photo being sent to sandy or the subsequent consequences.” How. Mature. Bravo, Hannah (pun intended).

When a fan responded, “No she had nothing to do with the photo but make no mistake she was not on your team. She’s definitely playing both sides,” Hannah said, “I know. But those are 2 different things and there’s obvs a lot of hate coming about the photo etc so I don’t want Bugs dragged into that hate as that’s not fair x.”


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Another viewer replied, “I agree with you Hannah, however in the aftershow last night when this conversation was talked about Bugs was laughing and smiling majority of the time which isn’t right either so she isn’t totally innocent!” In response, Hannah said, “And I agree with that too. But I don’t think she conspired to send the photo…” Good for Hannah, standing up for someone who is clearly on #TeamMalia and just being fair about what happened. 

When a Twitter user said, “I agree with you. I didn’t see any evidence to wrangle Bugs in at all. It’s good of you to say so she’s been getting attacked a lot. She doesn’t deserve it. The other two? Meh let them have it. Good luck with your baby girl xo,” Hannah tweeted, “Agree and agree x.” Same here, Hannah. Captain Sandy and Malia have a a lot to answer for.


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In response to a fan who said Bugsy “needs to pick better friends,” Hannah agreed.


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Who would have ever thought that Hannah would stand up for Bugsy in not one, but multiple tweets? Yet, here we are.


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