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Candiace Dillard Claims Some Real Housewives Of Potomac Stars Planned To Question The Paternity Of Monique Samuels’ Son On The Show; Monique Claims Candiace Was Involved & Gizelle Bryant Was The Ringleader

Real Housewives of Potomac just started airing Season 5.  At this point, the cast is on good terms except for a lingering apology that Candiace Dillard owes to Ashley DarbyMonique Samuels and Candiace are on good terms, and Gizelle Bryant is less devious than usual.

But fans are anticipating the buildup of tensions between Monique and Candiace.  The culmination of these tensions led up to huge fight at a cast party in October 2019.  But the foreshadowing is already there, two episodes in with a vague rumor about Monique’s marriageGizelle was happy to share the details though. She revealed that people are questioning the paternity of Monique’s youngest child, Chase.

Both Candiace and Monique addressed those rumors in Instagram Stories that were shared by irealhousewives.  Monique, of course, is reacting in outrage, while Candiace is denying any involvement as she explained how this rumor came into existence.

Candiace and the RHOP cast, minus Monique, were at Andy Cohen’s baby shower in January of 2019.  The cast went to dinner after the event.  This is where the plotting began.


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“The rumor was going to be that it wasn’t Chris [Samuels]‘ baby,” Candiace explained, “it was the trainer’s baby.  That was somebody was going to try and make the rumor out to be.”

Candiace vaguely mentioned the dinner attendees as “several people there.”  The group began, “a conversation about someone plotting to spread a rumor that Chase was not Chris’ baby.”


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Candiace maintains that she had nothing to do with the rumor.  “That conversation happened,” she explained, “I was there for it.  I never contributed to the ‘plotation’ of the conversation.  Ever.  As a matter of fact, I said that… should be dropped.  I know that I also said that Monique talks a lot.  And Robyn [Dixon] said to me, Robyn was there, ‘oh, you’re talking about your friend.’  I was like, yes, but she’s not here to defend herself so let’s not talk about her.”

Candiace claimed that she warned Monique about the churning rumor mill and what was being said about her husband Chris.  “And there were other things said,” she said, “other kind of ‘plotty’ things that were said.  And I also want to say that I told Monique was what said at that dinner, but I was never a part of any plot there or anywhere else.  You can hit me with any other scenarios and I will tell you what happened.  I was never part of any plot.”


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But Monique is not ready to let Candiace off the hook.  She thinks Candiace’s hands are dirty too.

“They all get together,” Monique said in a video shared by irealhousewives. Monique said, “it was Candiace, Gizelle, Robyn, and a few other people.  They all get together and they have this dinner after the shower and they begin to plot on me.

In Monique’s version of events, Gizelle was the ringleader.   Monique said, “So apparently, Gizelle starts saying that she’s going to bring this to reunion.  And ‘I’m gonna tell people that Chase isn’t Chris’.  And whoever was at the dinner was basically like, ‘well that’s not gonna fly’.  Then Candiace spoke up and said, ‘Chase looks just like Chris.  Like nobody’s gonna believe that.  So they had to go from a different angle I guess.


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Monique credits Karen Huger for informing her about the slanderous conversation.

“So, I didn’t even know about any of this until Karen called me,” Monique explained, “Karen calls me and she said, ‘I can’t believe Gizelle.’  And I’m like, what happened?  So she’s like, ‘what do you mean what happened?  All the stuff she was saying about you.’ And I was like what was she saying about me what are you talking about?”

Karen was shocked that Candiace did not call Monique right away to inform her about the conversation.


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Monique explained that she and Candiace are not in contact often between filming.   “I have not heard from Candiace,” she said, “I said, ‘honestly Karen, Candiace and I don’t talk like that.  I was like, ‘we talk when we’re filming.’  I said, but when it’s off season, the only time we talk is if I reach out to her.”

Karen told Monique that, “Gizelle is planning to go to reunion and to tell people like during the reunion that Case isn’t Chris’ and that you were cheating on him and that’s not his baby.”

Monique reacted with understandable disgust.  She said, “I’m like are you kidding me.  How disgusting is it number one. Like I said, you can say whatever you want to say about me, but to talk about my child.  Now if somebody talks about any one of Gizelle’s daughters, or even the illegitimates from her ex.  She would to berserk.  So to bring up my child’s name, when you know the mess aint’ true, how low-down and disgusting is that?”


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“So now we have two situations going on here,” Monique continued, “we’ve got Karen telling me what she’s telling me.  Nobody else is saying anything to me.  So I’m just like ok, we’re just going to ride this out and see what happens.”

Candiace only told Monique about the dinner when confronted about it before filming started for season 5.

Candiace only told me because I asked her about it,” Monique said, “then she proceeds to tell me the same thing that Karen says, but she left out her part in the conversation.  So apparently, she was actually cheerleading the whole conversation because she had talked to the former friend. So she’s cheerleading and doing all of this stuff.  So I’m finding out bits and pieces as we go along.”

Interestingly enough, Monique claims that this slandering had nothing to do with the fight that occurred in October between herself and Candiace.


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“And before anybody else asks and says anything about the whole fight,” Monique concluded, “this whole situation had nothing to do with the fight.  Absolutely not.  One thing that I’m not going to do, I’m not going to talk about other people’s kids and I’m not going to spread lies and rumors.”

It looks like there are more surprises in store for this season.


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