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Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Ashley Darby Says She’s 100% Team Monique Samuels; Says Candiace Dillard “Doesn’t Know When To Stop” When She Feuds

Real Housewives of Potomac is finally back and I am so pumped. Honestly, it’s in my top 3 franchises and if you’re not watching, you better start. Take my word for it and thank me later.

While the season is just getting underway, there is already big drama brewing. We’ve seen in the press and we’ve watched it in the trailer. So it’s no secret what’s coming. One-time friends Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard get into a physical altercation while filming. Off-camera, the two women even filed charges against one another as a result. The charges have since been dismissed but whew, we haven’t seen a housewives legal mess like this in awhile. Now, it’s very hard for me to advocate physical violence, but Candiace did say, “Drag me, Monique.” It looks like she finally got her wish. As we see in the trailer clip, the ladies take sides and it doesn’t look like they are on Monique’s.

But one person who is fully team Monique is costar, Ashley Darby. In fact, Ashley recently told Daily Mail, “I’m definitely there for Monique. I check on her.”

She continues about their friendship, “I’ve always made it clear to Monique that I really value the woman that she is. We’ve had some issues in our friendship in the past, but when the time was really rough for me Monique was always there for me.”


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And just in case you had any doubt, Ashley tells us where she stands on the matter, saying, “So, during that difficult time, even now, I have her back 100 percent because she really showed her loyalty to me so I’m reciprocating that and I am 100 percent loyal to Monique.”

Ashley also makes a point to say that she has made up with castmates Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant. As you will recall, they have had beef for years on the show. But that doesn’t mean Ashley is in a forgiving mood. Of Candiace, she reveals, “Candiace is a woman who just doesn’t necessarily know when to stop.” Ashley’s not wrong about that. Not one bit. Let’s not forget their epic fight at Candiace’s house where Candiace pulled a butter knife on Ashley. A butter knife! 


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Ashley goes on, “I’m not just talking in relation to what happens in the show. But also sometimes she can be persistent on social media. She doesn’t really have the instincts of when enough is enough and it can be overwhelming for anybody.” 

Yes, Ashley has some serious reasons to hold a grudge against Candiace. Last year, when Ashley was giving birth to son Dean, Candiace went on a Twitter tirade about her. On the very day Ashley gave birth, mind you. Ashley explains, “She really tested me last year when I was giving birth to my son on a Sunday when the show was airing, and she was just saying these horrible things about me, literally as I’m pushing a human out of my body. Like, you have no decency.”


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Once again, Ashley isn’t wrong. I love a good villain on housewives, but Candiace takes it to the next level and fights dirty. Not just on the show, but on social media like Ashley pointed out. While Ashley is no angel, Candiace could be straight up cast as the devil.


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I’m curious to see if anyone else takes Monique’s side in all this or if Ashley stands alone with her friend. Monique really went out on a limb here with her job as a housewife. We all know physical violence doesn’t go down well on the show and could cost her her spot on RHOP. I just hope the drag was worth it.


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