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Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Monique Samuels Says She Won’t Reconcile With Candiace Dillard Since Candiace Tried To Put Her In Jail

Real Housewives of Potomac fans have been eagerly awaiting Season 5 so we can see with our own eyes exactly what went down between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard. I’ll bet that Candiace regrets telling Monique to drag her during Season 4, when Monique was heavily pregnant.

On October 16, 2019, the two ladies were at a dinner party with their RHOP co-stars when all hell broke loose. Monique allegedly grabbed Candiace’s hair and pulled her down. And Candiace allegedly struck Monique in the face with a wine glass. Yikes!

And, of course, Bravo cameras were rolling to capture the moment for Season 5. It will air later in the season. Candiace filed a complaint against Monique for second-degree assault. Not to be out-done, Monique fired back with a suit against Candiace for second-degree assault.

In December 2019, the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office dismissed the charges against the RHOP stars. The results of this incident echo throughout the rest of the season, with the Potomac ladies choosing sides. From the trailer, it looks like Gizelle Bryant is on Team Candiace. Ashley Darby is firmly on Monique’s side. That is hardly surprising after Candiace brandished a butter knife at Ashley last season.


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Monique told that her relationship with Candiace is dunzo. Monique shared, “Look, at any point that somebody wants to put me in jail and makes an attempt to try to put me in jail, I am done. There is no future.” I can respect that.

Monique acknowledged that this was “one of my most challenging seasons yet.” The mother of three also discussed how attending therapy has changed her life.


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“You’ll see this season as I go on this journey of just self-discovery and just trying to connect all the dots, you’ll see that I actually learned some things about myself that I didn’t know,” the rapper commented.

“That helps me to be very confident in saying that the things that you see coming up won’t happen again, because now I’m more aware, I’m more aware of knowing what my triggers are so that if I am triggered, I can remove myself,” Monique shared.


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The RHOP star doesn’t really believe in regrets. “I try to make sure that I can turn it into a teachable moment and a learning lesson and that’s what it was,” Monique stated.

“Had that never happened, I probably never would have thought to see a professional therapist. […] So the fact that that situation led me to do that, and then discover things about myself that I didn’t realize, it’s a blessing in disguise,” Monique added. “It really is.”


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I wonder if Candiace feels this particular incident was a blessing?


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