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This season of Real Housewives of New York has been a journey in more ways than one. To start, there’s the whole pandemic that’s altered filming. We’ve also known for a long time that former favorite, Tinsley Mortimer was going to leave us. What I don’t think anyone expected was the love that Leah McSweeney would garner. She’s been touted as one of the best new housewives ever. Not an easy feat!

Of course, Ramona Singer hasn’t made Leah’s entry easy. This week’s episode we watched her call Leah an “untamed horse” because she’s single and made out with a man. Yea, I don’t get it. I guess that’s a light offense, though. Don’t forget she also outed Leah’s bipolar disorder this season. Then there’s the time she implied Leah has a drinking problem on par with the rest of the cast. Through all of that, Leah still has some respect for the Ramona-coaster.

Leah shared her real thoughts on Ramona in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Leah shared, “I didn’t even get to say this at the reunion and so I’m going to say it now — maybe I did, I don’t know — watching, in hindsight, I actually let Ramona get away with so much.” Yea girl, you have!

She continued, “I mean, albeit, it was my first season. I’m trying to navigate [things], I’m trying to be respectful. I’m trying to also be me. So, I feel like that’s never going to happen again.”


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As far as what she would change if she could. Leah says anything that happened between her and Ramona went down how it should have at the moment. She now knows to look out for the “Singer Stinger.”

Back to the reunion. Leah reports, “I got a few apologies at the reunion, I’ll say that.” As far as her accepting these apologies? All Leah adds is, “How sincere they are…” 


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Leah explained, “There is something about Ramona, she kinda does that, like, remember in True Blood when the [glamouring], when the vampire, like, looks into [a person’s eyes]?” Yes. She’s explaining mind control as depicted on a gothic horror show. Not far off. She continues, “I feel like she does glamouring, like, I’m not even kidding. She just does! So, it was hard to stay mad at her.”

So, if you don’t know, on True Blood, the vampires would stare into the eyes of humans to control their brains and implant thoughts. Leah says Ramona basically does the same, changing her voice to be breathy any time she needs to apologize. She then gets choked up before asking the person she’s apologizing to for a hug. Or, just embracing them in one. Truly one of the most on-point descriptions of Ramona I’ve ever heard. Like, I’m dying. 


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Even so, Leah said, ” “She’s one of a kind. She’s a special, special human, what can I say?” Finally, despite fans being chronically annoyed with Ramona for the last *checks watch*  12 years, Leah seems to think she’ll be returning for season 13. She adds, “I can’t really imagine it without her. In some ways for better or worse. You know, you’re not like — just because she’s not ‘good’ — people are saying she’s not a ‘good person’ or whatever — that doesn’t mean she’s not good for the show.”

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