Below Deck Mediterranean Star Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier Says Malia White Never Fessed Up To Sending Captain Sandy Yawn The Photo Of Her Valium While They Filmed Below Deck Mediterranean

I’m all for the safety measures that television production teams are taking in response to the coronavirus pandemic. However, there’s just nothing more electric than an in-person reunion taping. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather have a Zoom reunion than no reunion at all. And I’m seriously hoping for a Below Deck Mediterranean reunion this season. There is just so much to discuss!

Even so, I would love to see Hannah Ferrier stand up to Malia White and Captain Sandy Yawn after the snake-like behavior and blatant disrespect that they exhibited this season. Yes, Hannah broke a rule by not registering her prescription medication. That is very easy to understand. Nevertheless, the way Malia secretly took a photo of Hannah’s belongings to send to Captain Sandy was so shady. The way Captain Sandy followed Hannah only to berate her and curse at her was cruel and unprofessional. Any human being deserves more than the way Hannah was treated.

Hannah dished on the season during a recent conversation with Decider. The interviewer asked, “Did Malia ever confess to you that she sent the picture to Sandy?” We all saw Malia pretend to be stupid when she asked Hannah what happened right before she left the yacht, but she must have reached out to her post-filming, right? Nope. That’s not what happened.

Hannah shared, “No. But she sent me a message on Facebook after Episode 1, saying, “Oh, hi! I hope you’re well! I have no idea why you blocked me on social media. That’s so bizarre. But I hope you enjoyed the episode.” No one “enjoyed” that episode. Most of us were downright enraged watching this whole storyline play out.


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Hannah continued, “You think that it’s going to be an anonymous photo sent to Sandy? I know that it was you. Like, just don’t message me at all. She’s very snakey.” Ain’t that the truth? Malia is arguably the biggest snake in the history of this show.

Hannah recalled, “She was like, ‘No one stands up to Hannah, and blah blah blah! I’m going to be the person to do it!’ And then you don’t even have the guts to go, ‘It was me. See ya later.'” Zero integrity, zero heart, but then again, that’s what snakes do, right?


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Obviously, Hannah confirmed that she and Malia have not spoken at all. No one is surprised by that.

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