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Hannah Ferrier Calls Malia White A “Snake” For Waiting Until They Argued To Report Her Prescription Medication To Captain Sandy Yawn On Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean is on tonight! We’ll finally see the fallout of Malia White turning against Hannah Ferrier. But here’s the thing, did Malia report Hannah for prescription medication because it was “her job”? Or because Malia was petulant about Hannah and Bugsy Drake not immediately offering to switch cabins to accommodate her personal whims?

One might say the latter, but it isn’t Malia who runs the boat. That esteemed honor is held by Captain Sandy YawnBelow Deck Med fans highly anticipated a season of female empowerment but we’ve sadly fallen into an abyss of tattling, playing favorites, and public humiliation. Now Hannah responds to fans calling Malia a “snake” and if this new label is accurate. Spoiler alert, it totally is.

It’s safe to say that Hannah has had her fair share of blunders whilst filming Below Deck Med. But she certainly does not deserve to be put in a position where she has to defend her mental health.

Hannah experienced a panic attack in the presence of Malia after the drama with Chef Kiko Lorran. Not actually relevant until Kiko’s replacement happened to be Malia’s boyfriend. Side-eye. Malia wanted to room with her man, but that placed both Hannah and Bugsy in a weird position. The ladies felt it better to keep their work relationship as surface as possible, and keep the original room assignments. That wasn’t good enough for Malia who ran to her mommy Captain Sandy and whined like that kid you try to avoid at Target.


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Viewers were disgusted and wanted to hear from Hannah. Instagram account belowdeckmedbravo re-posted a video that Hannah originally shared on her Instagram Story. The former Chief Stew admits she has moved on from the incident but watching it now is hard. She said, “I was really disappointed because I felt Malia and I got along quite well all season and feel like we were respectful to each other.” Hannah then details exactly why she and Bugsy didn’t want to share a room together, mentioning their professional but not friendly relationship. Hannah wanted to avoid any “awkward” situations with Bugsy. Seems reasonable, right? Nope, not for Malia.

Hannah thought Malia, being the consummate professional that she is, would understand and proceed accordingly. Certainly not dig through her personal belongings to set up a scenario to send to Captain Sandy in retaliation, allegedly. But, alas, The Princess of Righteousness reported Hannah to Sandy for “drugs”.  Valium, prescribed by her doctor for anxiety. That isn’t my business. That isn’t your business. And it sure as hell isn’t Malia’s business. Hannah said, “Malia’s defense is that it’s ‘her job’, but I think if you were doing it for your job, you would have done it the day after my panic attack. Not straight after we had an argument. It’s very snakey, very underhanded, you know?” We know.


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Hannah continued, “It wasn’t very nice, I was very disappointed.” This echoes the sentiment of literally anyone with a moral compass, except Malia who continues to defend herself. Hannah touched on the fact that it was especially upsetting because, “Everyone was really excited about having three women in power and female empowerment and I feel like I was pretty much ripped down by one.” Women have a hard enough time breaking free from the stereotypes of being catty or too emotional to hold down a supervisor position. Thanks for setting us back!


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Hannah concludes with, “I’m sure it will be interesting next week, but, yeah, we will see.” Is there anyone left who co-signs Malia’s actions in the name of work ethic? Captain Sandy is also in the hot seat. It was within her power not to entertain putting someone’s mental health on blast. She could have shut down Malia’s executive temper tantrum about rooming with her boyfriend and disrupting the crew. Is Malia underhanded and snakey? Or just doing her job? If the snake fits, wear it.


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