Below Deck Mediterranean Alum Hannah Ferrier Said She Never Took Valium The Entire Charter Season

The fallout continues! On this week’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, we saw the unwarranted dismissal of Chief Stew, Hannah Ferrier. I don’t think I’ve ever seen fans this mad over anything that happened on Below Deck Med. Not even when fan favorite, Kiko Lorran was fired for one bad night.

Social media is reacting big time. While Bosun Malia White, the snake responsible for Hannah’s dismissal, continues to make excuses for herself, Hannah’s fellow castmates have come to her defense on the matter. And now that the episode has aired, Hannah is coming out with her feelings on what went down.

In a recent interview with Decider, Hannah talks about her alleged Valium use. Hannah was asked about a shot that showed her picking up Valium in her bed and taking it to the bathroom. She maintains she didn’t take any then, with a firm, “Right, no.” 

She clarified that it was just to show that she moved it from one part of the room to the other. Hannah explained, “The thing that frustrates me with Malia is the way she’s talking. The night that I had the panic attack, I didn’t have Valium then either. You heard a bottle cap being flipped, which is Advil PM. But as you saw, the Valium is in a box.”


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Hannah continued, “So you’re not going to be popping a pill bottle to get Valium out of a box. I hadn’t actually had any Valium the entire charter season. That’s kind of what frustrated me with the whole situation more than anything. It wasn’t like I was using it. I was using Advil PM almost nightly because my feet were so swollen. I’m too old to work in yachting now. So that was very frustrating.” 

The interview went on to ask what all the fans want to know: if Hannah wasn’t taking Valium, why were they out on her bed? And did Malia see the Valium prior to taking a picture of it? Hannah responded, “I’m really not sure. I know that when we looked for it on the night of my panic attack, we couldn’t find it because I wasn’t taking it while I was on the boat. I don’t know.”


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She went on, “To me as well, it’s not something I was hiding. It wasn’t like I went on and I was like, ‘Ooh, I have this Valium. I can’t let anyone see it.’ To me, it’s just anti-anxiety medication. I made the mistake of not clearing it when I brought it on the boat. Because I’ve always had it, every year. It just wasn’t really a process that went through my mind. That was my mistake.”

Hannah concludes by admitting, “But yeah, it certainly wasn’t something I was trying to hide. She could very well have seen it on my bed, or in the bathroom before she took the photo.”


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Of course Malia saw it before she took the picture! Not that anyone cares about my opinion, but it was so obvious that Malia saw it and held onto it until the perfect time to get back at Hannah. Which is what fans seem to be really pissed about. The timing of Malia telling Captain Sandy Yawn was just too convenient.

It’s a shame that Hannah went out this way. And a bigger shame that it was over a mental health issue. While I understand that maritime law might have played a big role in this, Hannah deserved more than she got in her exit. And the show just won’t be the same without her.


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