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Wendy Osefo Says Her Mom Warned Her Not To Treat Her The Way Candiace Dillard Treats Her Mom; Doesn’t View Candiace As “Messy” & Claims Candiace Encouraged Her To Form Her Own Opinions

I love when a new Real Housewife joins a show and feigns a close connection to a current cast member. We all know that a casting agent most likely brought a woman onto the show. Instead, we have to pretend that two people are friends when they might have met once or they have one mutual friend in common.

Unfortunately for Wendy Osefo, she joined Real Housewives of Potomac as a friend of Candiace Dillard’s, who has been very polarizing (which is a nice way to put it). Even so, she has been very impressive so far, despite whatever shade Karen Huger wants to throw in her direction.

Wendy admitted to Entertainment Tonight that she never watched the show before becoming a cast member. Normally, I find that claim to be super annoying and most likely a lie that women tell in order to seem above the show that they desperately want to be on. However, it does track that someone would align herself with Candiace if she has not seen the show. That makes much more sense than the opposite.

Wendy told the outlet, “I watched Potomac once I was cast on the show! So, OK, what happened? Let me get up to speed! Who are these people?” She turned to her mom Susan to catch her up on everything she needed to know. She shared, “When I don’t get things, my mom is always like, ‘Well, let me tell you the backstory of how we got here…’ “I’m like, ‘OK, Mom. What happened?’ She’s my Cliff’s Notes.”


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Wendy described her mom as “so opinionated,” which is why it’s not surprising that her mom gave her an informed warning. Wendy’s mom told her, “Listen, you know, I like Candiace. Don’t treat me how she treats her mama.” In response, Wendy said, “OK, Mom!” In Candiace’s defense (this one time), Dorothy Dillard makes Mommie Dearest look like an angel.


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