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Chris Bassett, Husband Of Candiace Dillard, Addresses Her Homophobic Tweets

Recently, the Bravo network has come down on its talent for offensive social media posts. Vanderpump Rules fired Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens for their racist tweets that resurfaced from years prior. Below Deck Mediterranean cast member Pete Hunziker got fired from the show, and subsequently edited out of the show after sharing a racist “joke” and then his follow-up tweets didn’t help the situation.

So, what’s going to happen to Real Housewives of Potomac cast member Candiace Dillard? Her homophobic and transphobic tweets recently came to light. In response, she issued an apology talking about how much she’s changed, promising that she is an LGBTQIA+ ally, despite her past sentiments. As of this moment, Bravo, a network that has touted itself as being supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community, has been silent on this. Could that be because Candiace brings so much drama to Real Housewives of Potomac? She, just like the others, issued apologies for her horrendous comments. However, she has faced absolutely zero consequences.

Sure, Candiace will probably have to address this during a season 5 reunion episode, but that just wouldn’t be at-all-consistent with the network’s recent firings. What gives, Bravo? What gives, executive producer Andy Cohen? Andy also happens to identify as a gay man. Why hasn’t he addressed Candiace’s deplorable remarks?

Well, Candiace’s husband Chris Bassett has. Obviously, he’s #TeamCandiace in all scenarios. Well, except for when she’s shading his “decent sex” and taking a pregnancy test for screen time even though he remarked that they were not sexually active.


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Chris tweeted, “I understand how my wife’s tweets could easily cause hurt and damage to people. Those tweets aren’t who I know. I only have the love, admiration, and respect for the LGBTQ+ community that I do BECAUSE of my wife. She’s the one who educated me!”

As expected, that tweet was met with plenty of objections. One person responded, “But did you see his wife’s IG Live from Sunday basically repeated VERBALLY the very same homophobic things even wished death on a gay blogger and called a transgender woman a HIM twice… ten years and no change or growth.” Another shared, “But it seems maybe someone should educate her about transphobia… misgendering a trans woman isn’t alright…”


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Someone else responded, “as a gay man from the south, i’m not pressed about tweets from 10 years ago. she doesn’t speak hate rhetoric in regards to LGBTQIA people. clearly, she was being stupid, but for all of twitter to try and cancel her for something foolish she said is whack.”

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