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Wendy Osefo Reacts To Karen Huger Acting Like She Doesn’t Know Her: “If She Knew Me, She Would Know Not To Mess With Me”

We finally got a look into Wendy Osefo’s home life during the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Potomac. Before that, all we saw was Karen Huger’s obvious disdain for Wendy. She channeled her inner Mariah Carey, pointing out multiple times that she “doesn’t know” Wendy. It also gave me flashbacks to Gizelle Bryant’s immediate jealousy when she met Monique Samuels and heard about those four homes.

Clearly, that was her attempt to make Wendy look like a “nobody.” However, it just made the Grand Dame look petty as hell. Now, Wendy is sounding off on Karen’s continued cold shoulder.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wendy said, “I have nothing for [or against] Karen.” Sure, Wendy. I don’t believe that for one second, but carry on.

Wendy said, “Let her continue to say she doesn’t know me, that’s fine. Because if she knew me, she would know not to mess with me. So, you’re right, you don’t know me. Let’s keep it like that.”


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The newest Real Housewife of Potomac said, “I’m not a fan of people who go out of their way to be mean to other people.” Same here, Wendy, but on the bright side, clapping back at someone acting like a mean girl is the perfect way for you to make your mark on this show.

Wendy continued, “That’s just not my speed. I’m not a mean girl. I don’t like that, and so it’s interesting because how I define a queen is someone who not only oversees their kingdom, but builds their kingdom. And the only way you can build your kingdom is for you to love the people around you, and I just don’t see that happening.” It’s not gonna happen, not on this show.


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Wendy went in on Karen, remarking, “She portrays herself as this Mother Goose, as this motherly person, that’s not what I got from her. Karen is older than my mom, and so I didn’t even expect her to concern herself with me, you know?” Damn.


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She had more to say though. Wendy shared, “For me, I look at people who I could be their mom almost like a mentor-mentee relationship. So to go out of your way to bully someone who you could be their mother? It’s just like… what?!”

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