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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Sip And See You Later

Candiace Dillard Bassett was left dumbfounded at the end of last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. In her eyes, she’s the victim of a gang up. The new alliance between Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels is her worst nightmare right now. Everyone at the table wants her to give an apology, and she wants no part of it. Does Candiace have any true friends in this group? Besides Wendy Osefo, maybe not.

After all of the drama last year in her personal life, who would’ve thought Ashley Darby would invite them all to her home? This Sip and See is going to be lit. Charrisse Jordan is going to be there, and we might finally get some interaction between her and Monique. So many rumors are flying. ADDRESS THEM.

Why is everyone trying to force Candiace to apologize to Ashley? They’ve both been mean to each other. Why does Candiace have to be the only one to say sorry? Ashley is no saint here. Both of them should be doling out apologizes if they want to move forward.

Wendy doesn’t like the way things are going down at dinner. SAME. She finds the way they’re trying to beat an apology out of Candiace to be the wrong way to go about it. That’s not the way to achieve effective results.

Robyn Dixon tries to chime in, but Candiace quickly tells her to shut the f**k up. A mood. I forget Robyn is even there half of the time. Thank you for actually contributing.


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The vibe between Candiace and Monique is so tense at this table. Gizelle exploits that by asking how Candiace’s friendship with Charrisse is. She is so messy. I like the way she keeps the storylines moving at least.

Candiace actually offers an apology for not acknowledging Monique’s feelings about Charrisse being at her party. Karen is the voice of reason, and she shuts down the antics at the table. She loves Monique, but she doesn’t like the way everyone is trying to force Candiace here.

It’s a little bit shady that Candiace even asked Monique if it would be fine to go to the party, and she lied. It felt like a coordinated attack out of nowhere. Gizelle and Monique are coming off like a match made in hell. There’s so much shady behavior taking place behind the scenes. At least that’s how it appears.


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After the cameras stop rolling the audio keeps rolling, and Monique looks fake as f**k. She starts laughing to Candiace about the way she came for her. What kind of friend would do that? Candiace makes it clear that Monique could’ve easily asked her at the party about Charrisse being in attendance.

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley is the most anxious mom ever. I can only imagine how she’s handling the current COVID-19 deal. Michael Darby isn’t thrilled about Candiace coming to her Sip and See at their house. Candiace was out to get them all last season (sometimes rightfully so), so it’s not surprising he’d have reservations.

Their sex life has been in a bad place since the birth of baby Dean. She’s experiencing a lot of internal discomfort, and she’s unable to be intimate with him. Say what you want about the Darby’s, but they MENTION IT ALL.


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It’s taking everything in Gizelle to keep Juan Dixon’s secret about proposing to Robyn. On top of that, she has a lot of relationship stuff going on of her own. Gizelle is back with her ex Jamal Bryant, and she’s hoping he is truly changed for the good.

We’re going to get a feel for their dynamic because he is flying in for a birthday dinner. There’s a lot of potential for awkwardness because their daughters aren’t feeling the relationship at all. Can you blame them? Everything changes for them now. They know the history. For all they know, Jamal is going to cheat again and make everything uncomfortable for the family.

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

FINALLY, WE ARE GETTING TO SEE MORE OF WENDY. She looks fabulous in her confessional and so good after having a baby just two months prior also. Her family dynamic is so light and fun, and she feels like she’ll be a great fit for this series. I almost want to say she looks like she’s a little too good for this group of women.

I will never not be impressed by Monique potty training T’Challa. Thankfully, he is safe after a recent escape. Karen Huger wants no part of this bird. She’s so standoffish with him. Karen is a GIF legend. She gives us so much. Just so hilarious.


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Candiace talks to Chris Bassett about the dinner where she got dragged. It’s hard to tell what’s real here. A lot of the snake behavior appears to be taking place behind the scenes. Candiace feels that Monique is not a friend, and her flip-flopping is dangerous. I came into this season thinking I would be fully Team Monique, but I’m slowly noticing some things that make me lean toward Candiace. But I’m not a Candiace fan, so I hate that for me. ESPECIALLY AFTER THOSE Tweets. 

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Gizelle tries to get her girls hyped for her birthday dinner, but it’s a useless cause. Nothing she is saying is making it any better. I have to feel for her a little bit here. She’s trying so hard to reunite this family, but she’s getting flack the entire way.

Jamal drops an announcement at the table that the girls now own their own restaurant. That’s a nice gift, but they don’t seem impressed. Nothing is lightening the mood. This division in the family is going to grow if they don’t address it.

Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley doesn’t want Dean to live in a bubble which is good because she’s a major helicopter mom right now. She’s afraid of the baby getting herpes of the eyeball. Girl…..chill. You can’t protect him from every little thing in the world. It doesn’t work like that.


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Gizelle is surprised to be in the Darby household so soon after the reunion. Accusing a man of grabbing another man’s ass definitely makes for an awkward encounter. This party could be progress though. I think Candiace being in the house is more of a shocker than Gizelle. Candiace had her foot on Ashley and Michael’s throats last season.

Candiace holding baby Dean is not something I ever expected. It doesn’t last long though because he starts fussing. A positive thing to come out of the dinner is Candiace’s new hope about becoming a mother. Seeing the way Ashley is with her baby has sparked a new confidence in her.

Karen is still in her full Mariah Carey “I don’t know her” attitude about Wendy. What is her deal? Intimidation? There doesn’t appear to be any real reason to have an issue with her already. Stop acting so threatened.

Charrisse Jordan Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

Time feels like it stands still when Charrisse walks in the building. So much built up animosity is on display, and it’s not going to fix itself until Monique addresses it. You can’t outrun your issues when you’re on a show like this. Once it’s thrown out there, whatever it is, just tackle it and move on. Acting the way she does whenever Charrisse is around is only giving it more life.


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That being said, there is no chance in hell that Candiace didn’t know what she was doing by inviting Charrisse. That was a calculated effort to come for Monique. Period. Why not own up to your actions?

Is this a Candiace takedown season, and I didn’t know it? I’m not against the idea, but it’s coming pretty quick. Wendy tries to make it evident to Candiace that some of these women are not her friend. It’s clear she was mostly talking about Monique. The build to this physical confrontation between Candiace and Monique that we all know is coming has been one of the best in Bravo history. So much has happened in just three episodes.

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

Candiace and Monique really start to get into it over Ashley. It breaks down into petty mocking at each other. So childish on both of their accounts. Grow up. Candiace presents a valid point about how once she asked to talk to Ashley privately, the issue should have died. How difficult would that have been to respect? Instead, they ripped her a new one at that table and now at this party for A BABY.


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Candiace walks away to remove herself from the situation. Ashley chases after her.  Gizelle refers to Candiace is a child which causes Karen to speak up on her behalf. There’s no reason

Being her usual messy self, Gizelle tries to broach a conversation between Charrisse and Monique which was never going to end well. Monique is giving off full hatred vibes for Charrisse. If energy could kill, we’d be hearing about the end of Charrisse. Not wanting to discuss their drama at all, Monique leaves the party.

To my astonishment, Candiace opens up to Ashley about her feeling regarding Monique. She doesn’t see it as a real friendship anymore. We’re getting closer to the fight. The feeling is in the air. At least Monique moving forward.

Gizelle grills Charrisse hard for info about her issue with Monique, but she gets nothing. Why doesn’t anyone want to openly talk about this? I hate when there’s an issue on Housewives, and nobody ever says it out loud or can’t. What’s the point?


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