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Gizelle Bryant Wonders If Monique Samuels Is Jealous Of Candiace Dillard; Doesn’t Think Monique Likes That Candiace Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin

We have all been waiting for that physical altercation between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard. It has been teased for what feels like forever, but we didn’t get to it yet. Nevertheless, we have seen many cracks in their relationship this season on Real Housewives of Potomac.

Now, Gizelle Bryant is weight in on the dust up. And, obviously, she just had to throw in some shade aimed at Monique.

Gizelle recently appeared on the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast. And, of course, she was asked about Monique and Candiace’s fight… which is what seems to happen in every single interview with the Potomac Housewives these days.

Gizelle began, “My thoughts are that the altercation had zero, zero to do with Charrisse [Jackson-Jordan], and what Charrisse was saying and the rumors and all that. It had nothing to do with that.”


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Just a reminder that Candiace invited Charrisse to her anniversary party even though they were never cast members at the same time and it seemed like they barely knew each other. Monique assumed that Candiace invited Charrisse as a dig toward Monique because of those rumors that Monique got a little too close and personal with her trainer.

Anyway, back to the fight. Gizelle said, “To this day, my thoughts are that it was the silliest, most unnecessary, altercation under the sun. I feel like Monique has always had some issue with Candiace, that she’s never kind of expressed, maybe it’s jealousy.”


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Why does Gizelle think Monique might be jealous? She said, “Candiace came around, and love her or hate her, Candiace is Candiace. You know, she’s got a slick mouth. She is annoying, but we like her because she decides to show up in her own skin, with all of her antics. And I think maybe Monique doesn’t like that. I don’t know.” Sure, Gizelle.

“I felt like it should have never happened,” Gizelle said about the fight between Monique and Candiace. Agreed, Gizelle. Totally agreed.


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Gizelle said, “I’ve been here since day one. I don’t want to see this show turn into something that we aren’t. We aren’t women that go around and knock each other upside the head.” Once again, I have to agree with Gizelle. But, we shall see how it all plays out.


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