Camille Grammer - Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1

Camille Grammer Says Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Is “Up Kyle Richards’ Ass”

Season 1 Camille Grammer has been back with a vengence on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has been polarizing, but in between the random statements we can’t quite explain, she has been making a lot of sense. She is the only one who pointed out Dorit Kemsley’s fishy finances on the show.

Now, she’s calling out Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave for being “up Kyle Richards’ ass” during tonight’s reunion episode.

In a clip that Entertainment Tonight shared from the episode, Andy Cohen tells Teddi and Kyle, “You two do seem genuinely close. What made you go from casual friends to besties? When did that happen?” Seriously. This is the duo that no one asked for.

Teddi claims, “I think we clicked during the first season when I met everybody.” After a series of yawn-inducing clips of Kyle helping Teddi put on makeup and try on clothes, Teddi remarks, “We really became immersed in each other’s lives.” We are ALL aware. You are finishing each other’s sentences and basically sharing the same mind at this point. Or at least that’s how it seems to the viewers and Camille. No one else in the cast seems to see what everyone at home has been tweeting about.

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Andy reads one of those tweets and tells the women, “April from Danbury, Connecticut thinks that the two of you are codependent.” Kyle begins to say, “You’re watching us travel together, do things together…” Then Denise Richards remembers that she is a cast member on this show and remarked, “I think it’s great that you guys have formed such a close friendship.”

Ugh, Denise. Just please be there for endearing comic relief. We don’t need you involved in this one, especially if you’re on the wrong side of history.

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Erika Jayne interjected with “Kyle gets to be the big sister.” Lisa Rinna agreed and said, “Right.” So no one else thinks their puppet master-like dynamic is strange?

Andy tells Camille, “Camille, someone tweeted that ‘Kyle is like a teenager crushing on Teddi’ and you agreed that their friendship is ‘creepy.’ Why do you say that?”

That’s when Camille speaks for many viewers. She admits, “I just felt that Teddi was like up Kyle’s ass. I’m gonna be honest, I mean I just felt that it was…” Once again, Denise interrupts. Did she get a pep talk after the season ended about actually participating in storylines? She has no horse in this race.

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Teddi questions Camille for asking Kyle to be a bridesmaid when they “don’t hang out of the show.” Camille replied, “Well, I’ve known her for a very long time.” Teddi pushed, “OK, but you hang out? You spend time with each other?” Relentess.

That’s when Camille turns it around to the topic at hand: Kyle and Teddi’s dynamic. She tells Teddi, “I haven’t seen her much this year since you put yourself into her life.”

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Then Camille claims, “You know. You made sure of that as soon as Lisa Vanderpump was out, you were right there.” Well, duh. Teddi got herself into a total mess with the pupypgate shit and needed a strong ally on this show. Maybe that’s not what happened, but it would make sense for her to cling to Kyle after losing her “Teddi Bear” status with LVP.

Andy asks Camille, “So, what about this friendship is creepy to you? Just that Teddi’s up her ass?” Was that Andy’s way of slyly saying he agrees with Camille’s assessment. He has to see it, right?

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Camille goes on to explain, “Anytime you want to have a conversation with Kyle, Teddi’s there to cut you off. And that’s annoying becuase I’ve known her for ten years. I’d like to just speak to Kyle just one on one.”

And then, right on cue, Teddi says, “I have a question. I’m cutting you off.” And Camille declares, “God, there you go. There’s my point!” Seriously.

Can Teddi get Vicki Gunvalsoned with a demotion next season. Unfortunately It doesn’t seem like she’s going anywhere thanks to her codependent alliance close friendship with Kyle. Can we at least decrease the Teddi time? Please.

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