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Below Deck Mediterranean Star Captain Sandy Yawn Says She Was “Taken Out Of Context” When She Claimed Malia White Is “Secretly Gay”

As if Below Deck Mediterranean viewers needed another reason to be bothered by Captain Sandy Yawn, she decided to claim that Malia White is “secretly gay” during a Cameo video. Of course, whoever received that video re-posted it and it went viral.

Malia has responded to the video, denying Captain Sandy’s claims. She said that she would be out and proud if that were the case.

Captain Sandy wrote one of the least compassionate apologies ever in one of her Instagram Stories. She said, “I was wrong for making that comment. That clip was taken out of context. It was sliced to make it into something it was not. My apologies to Malia!”

I’m sorry, but in what context is saying that someone is “secretly gay” and claiming that other people think it as well something acceptable to say? Explain that one to me, Sandy.

Captain Sandy apology Malia White

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As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Captain Sandy should be compassionate to anyone else who is (or may be) a part of that group. Outing someone is never OK, especially not in a public forum. Captain Sandy should have known better, and you know what, she should have given a way better apology than that.

Hopefully, she also reached out to her personally with a more heartfelt apology. But, then, again, I’m not holding my breath for that one, especially after watching that video of her “joking” about Malia’s sexuality and then hysterically laughing at her own remarks. It would be shocking if she was actually “sorry” about that.


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